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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 25 [Completed]


On arrival at the airport,
Desmond was waiting. After
we exchanged​ pleasantries,
he smiled and announced.

“Someone is here to say

I shot him an inquisitive stare
before I spotted Dickson
walking through the busy
glass doors.

“Did you come with
Dickson?” I asked Desmond
who shared a knowing smile
with his wife. “You guys are
mischievous finally.”

They burst into laughter as
Dickson arrived and gave me
a hug after a brief moment of

I never returned to my
estranged husband at least
not until the court case for a
divorce commenced a few
months later.

Three months into the case,
he was reported to have
committed suicide with a
suicide note explaining his
dwindling life. I quickly
withdrew my court case and
claimed all his properties
which were left to me as his
direct beneficiary. I sold off
the already waning company
and other properties which he
owned including the flat in
which we had lived and
moved to Port-Harcourt to
start my pharmaceutical

The money was unbelievably
huge, I realised, after selling
off the properties. Vera
suggested we rather
partnered to knock off other
competitors and I quickly
bought the idea. I invested
half of the money in Vera’s
business and we became
50-50 partners in a global
pharmaceutical business.

The End
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