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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 24


Vera called back and before
the doctor could advise
against taking the call I was
speaking into the phone
already. Vera told me she had
excused herself to book the
first flight to Lagos the next
day. I felt the tears begin to
pour out again. She had just
put to bed, she was not
supposed to travel but she
insisted on coming.

“This is exactly what you
should avoid in your present
condition. You need your
loved one around you right
now. Your blood pressure is
on the high side.” The doctor

“Doctor, you asked for my
loved ones right?” I nodded
and​ continued. “She’ll be here

Before 9am the next
morning, the door to my ward
opened and Vera poked her
head round the door with her
angelic smile. I didn’t know
how to deal with the guilt that
pierced my heart as again
tears rolled down my cheeks.
I sat up and wanted to stand
but she walked in and called

“Don’t worry baby, I got you.”
She had some bags with her
which she laid down at the
foot of the bed and came to
hug me. We tangled in a tight
embrace and cried. She had
added weight from child

“I missed you dear.” She kept
saying into my ears as Ruth
watched on from the
doorway. She had brought her
to my ward.

For the first time in my life, I
kept nothing from someone
in a story about me. I bared it
all to her and we wept
together. I begged her to find
a place in her heart to forgive

“You’re such a joke, I didn’t
come all this way to judge you
or pour out my grievances. I
came to see my beauty again.
I came because I would never
wish anything bad happen to
you.” She smiled wide.

Vera’s words cut through me.
I leaned forward and hugged
her now chubby self again.
“How about the baby?” I
asked. “You shouldn’t have
left him.”

“He’s in safe hands with my
mother in-law. I called D
yesterday and told him about
your call last night, he just
called his mum to come and
take care of the baby while I
come check on you.”

“Oh my God, you’re blessed
dear.” I said, happy for my
friend for the very first time.
“You too baby.” She began to
unpack the things she had
bought. “By twelve thirty, I’ll
call D so we have a video
chat. He has been asking
after you.”

We did the video chat with
Desmond and later, I took
time to narrate my entire
ordeal of a marriage to my
best friend. When I was done,
she was crying uncontrollably.
She revealed how Collins had
come with his apparatus that
night which stopped her
settlement with him. He’d
almost raped her that night if
not for the hotel
management. She apologized
for not telling me all that
earlier but swore she would
have told me if she had
known I was seeing Collins.

She swore to take me with
her, that I had no business
with Lagos anymore. She had
a return ticket waiting for
17:45. She called to book for
me too.

My discharge from the
hospital was finalised and we
thanked the manager of
BarkMed’s Place for his
hospitality and also the
doctor. On our way out I
asked Vera to hold on a bit as
I saw Ruth arriving the
hospital for her shift. She
bared that warming smile I
thought could resurrect the
dead. I beckoned on her to
come and give me a hug.

While we hugged, I removed
the rings, my engagement
and wedding rings, and slid
them into her hand as we

“It costs a fortune. Sell it and
do something nice with it.” It
felt better that way.

“This is your wedding ring
ma’am?” She managed to say
amidst her confusion and

“Yes darling, they don’t
guarantee a great marriage,
do they?”

She shook her head slowly
and I patted her back and
joined Vera. I never looked
back again.

The flight back to Port-
Harcourt was warm and about
the coziest and most fulfilling
thing that ever happened to

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