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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 21 & 22


I shook my head and
immediately my head ached.
It felt like I was hit by a train.

While I was in the midst of my
thoughts, I heard a terrible
laughter coming from the
sitting room. I recognised it to
be Collins and his friends. It
was obvious they were still
very much around.

I planned on escaping,
otherwise, who knew what
they would do to me once
they realised I was awake? I
gathered the little strength in
me, picked my purse that had
my ATM cards in it and a little
money in case of necessity. I
tiptoed towards the back door
with my slippers held tight to
my chest, my phone and my
purse held tight under my
arms as I made my way
towards the back door,
praying silently and earnestly
not to be caught. I had to help
myself even with the
soreness of my body which
had already affected my gate,
I didn’t care.

All on my mind was to be out
of that hell of a house. I
looked like a mad woman, my
hair was scattered like
someone who had just
fought. There was no time for
makeup as making up never
crossed my mind in the first
place. How would one running
for safety think of makeup? I
thought. I succeeded in my
prison and headed straight to
a pharmacy to get some
drugs for myself. After
getting the medications, I felt
dizzy and began staggering
out of the pharmacy,
mindless of the prying stares
from other customers. It was
difficult finding my next
footing after another. I hadn’t
had time to take the drugs I
bought when I lost my footing
and fell with a thud just
before the glass doors held
ajar by the janitor.


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