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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 2

I felt goose pimples. Now this
was serious. This was my
time and I had to use it well.

“I lowered my tone and
asked, “Why? What is your
issue with Collins?”

She sighed and stood up to

“Not again, not this time. This
is the only one secret that
you’ve kept from me and I
won’t let it slip because after
today, I’m sure you’ll never
talk about this again.”

She heaved a sigh and folded
both arms. “Okay, Collins is a
sex maniac.”

I angled my head in disbelief
and burst into laughter
clutching at my belly as it

“What’s so funny?”
“Are you just selling that to
me hoping I’d buy?”

“I’m not kidding Fifi, he’s a
lunatic. Collins is not normal.”

I stopped laughing and
gathered myself. “Okay, I get
you or lemme just pretend
like I do. So because one is a
sex maniac makes him a
lunatic and abnormal. Girl,
you’re boring.”

Vera just shook her head and
stood watching me in
disbelief as I returned to my
seat before the mirror. We
heard a knock and she went
to get it. It was the makeover
crew. While she was with
them, I began to ruminate on
what she just said about
Collins being a lunatic and sex
maniac – that I could
understand but how is that a

I smiled to myself and was
about to write her off as
being petty and boring when
the image of Collins’
bedroom flashed into my
head. I jerked at the thought
and mistakenly knocked a
bottle of fragrance to the
tiled floor. The loud crash
attracted the attention of the
other party in the room.

“Babe, are you okay?” Vera

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing.”
I ran both hands over my

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