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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 18

The trip back to Nigeria was a
silent one. We hardly spoke to
each other but for the
essentials. I was struggling
amidst mixed feelings of what
I had encountered and the
tragedy that was befalling the
family in my Parents in-law’s

“Yes, Buggy owns that cabin.”
Collins said long after we had
boarded. “Like I told you
before, we’re family.”

I didn’t say anything. I
adjusted my ear plugs but
Collins knew better that I’d
surely hear him if he talked
and continued.

“I know you are bothered by
the things you saw, you
should have steered clear of
all obscurities.” He nearly
sounded sorry.

He shook his head. “You
should never have entered
that room.” When he realised
I was never going to reply
him, he gave up and cuddled
to sleep.

As soon as we arrived Lagos,
we went straight to see them
at the hospital​. On arrival, my
father in-law had passed away
and my mother-in-law was
dealing with a High Blood
Pressure. Two days later, she
also joined her husband.
Collins cried uncontrollably
and lost his manly poise. It
took another two weeks to
get him to feed well and all
that time he was easily
irritable. He yelled at me at
every little thing and threw
tantrums all the time.

We buried them and his
family didn’t have issues with
sharing the properties. Collins
was left with the company he
was managing in addition to
so many other landed
properties littered around

On this fateful day, I had just
left the internet after realising
Desmond had set up a
pharmaceutical company for
Vera as a welcome for their
first child which happened to
be a boy also. I didn’t like the
sound of that. I had left the
internet out of frustration,
determined to engage Collins
as soon as he returned. I was
tired of staying at home and
playing the role of a sex
toy. Collins returned from
work and brushed past me
into the bedroom. I joined
him there and tried to keep
low on conversations. I didn’t
want to bug him.
“How was your day?” I asked
him leaning against the wall as
he undressed himself.

“I’m tired of coming home
and hearing you recite the
same thing everyday.” He
mumbled and stopped
midway through the

“What did you say?”

“I’m sure you heard me.”

“Well I had thought about it
and decided we’d be talking
about that over dinner. But
since you brought it up, I
don’t have a choice but to talk
about it now.”

“I see. I will as well one day
remind you to breathe. You
can’t for once be useful to
yourself besides flooding the
internet with every breath you
take as if you can pay for a
thing in your life.”

“What’s this all about? If
somehow you were frustrated
at the office, then be a man
and let whatever happened in
Vegas remain in Vegas. Stop
bringing your frustration
home.” My tone had
increased involuntarily.

“You’re shouting at me right?
Fine, let’s have a chat.” He sat
at the edge of the bed. “What
can you do?”

I cleared my throat and told
him I was a graduate and
would love to practice. I told
him I wanted a
company. After I relayed it all
to him, he was smirking with

“You’re such a joke. I was
always right that you’re good
at nothing.” He stood and
went into the bathroom.
I was left fuming at his
reaction and pouring it all on
the pillows. I kicked and
punched but the fury never
left one bit. He left the
bathroom tying a towel
around his waist. I clenched
my fist and bit my lower lip to
control my temper.

“So what are you saying?”

“About what?” He asked

“About the proposal I just
made?” I patiently answered.

“Now get it into your skull.”

He said with furrowed brows
and a tightened jaw. “You are
nothing but a scumbag. You
are a no good daughter of a
frugal asslicking gold-digger…
Hey, wait before you say
anything… You worth nothing
more than mere sex toy,
you’re only good for sex and
that is why and only why
you’re still here.”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

“Did you just say that to me?”

“If you want me to write a
thesis about it, I’ll write a
hundred pages. You are just a
bag of ill luck. Ever since I
met you it’s been one ill luck
or the other. My business has
been dwindling and finally it’s
on a steep decline. Then
again I lost my parents at the
same time. You’re just an

“Excuse me, are you blaming
me for your parents’

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