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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 15

I dragged myself further
towards the bathroom and on
getting by the mirror I
decided to have look. I had
become black eyed, with a
red patch on my left white
eye, the very eye that
received a larger number of
the punches. I need a doctor.
After cleaning up, I knew I had
to do something, call
someone or at least get some
medication. I dressed up in
something nice and casual. I
fluffed my hair so it would fall
freely and cover the
landmarks Collins had planted
on my face. I picked a pair of
shades from their rack and
thought it covered well. I
started leaving only to get to
the exit door and realised it
was locked. I had been locked
in by Collins. What was he
wishing me? It was three
hours since he left and my
head was still pounding from
the panel beating I received
from him. I slumped into one
of the couches and remained
there for a long time before
searching the entire house
for any medicine I could find.

Fortunately, I found some
pain relievers and took them.
Few minutes later, I slept off.
I was still sleeping when I
noticed someone’s presence
in the room. I was still trying
to wake up when Collins
joined me in bed and hugged
me tight from behind. He
remained that way and didn’t
let me wriggle free from his
grip. He kissed my neck and
whispered into my ears.

“I’m sorry baby. It all ended
yesterday. It will never
happen again.” He said with
the coolest of voices.

I broke down and cried.

That morning, he served me
breakfast in bed and pecked
me at every chance he got.
But my friends on Facebook
have always opinionated that
once a man starts to beat his
wife, it never ends. I was yet
to know how true that could
be. At least, I was married
now and ready to have a first
hand experience of all that.

I picked up my phone and left
the contacts list where I had
been battling the temptation
to call Vera. She was the only
person who could at least,
understand. After I put the
phone aside, Collins spread
before me two passports and
other documents that
certified our trip to Dubai
where the end began.


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