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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 10

The One?

What did they mean by that? I
didn’t want to ponder over it
and give myself a heart
attack. After all, every man
would have a number of
girlfriends but would
eventually end up marrying
one. Yet my concern was on
how they kept staring at me
and my buttocks especially, in
a very suggestive way. Collins
didn’t seem to bother but
instead kept high shoulders. I
decided not to make anything
out of all that, not to dwell on
that, perhaps everything
would change after the knot
was tied.

The traditional marriage was
the best my village had ever
experienced. The pictures
made rounds on all my social
media platforms I owned
accounts, with altered
settings to keep off
Vera. Why I kept Vera away
nevertheless, still remained
vague to me. She was happily
married, which I never
admitted, yet I didn’t want her
around me. I didn’t want her
to attend my wedding, neither
to realise it was Collins I was
getting married to. I knew she
will find out soon but what did
I care? I was waiting for the
impending consequential

We flew business class to
Paris to shop for the wedding
and spent the succeeding
weekend in Switzerland. He
assured me our honeymoon
would be in Asia, with Dubai
top on the list. I didn’t just fall
in love with Collins, I drowned
in love for him.

On the eve of my wedding,
just as I was about to sleep,
my phone started ringing.
Collins wouldn’t be calling me
at this time of the night. Not
after he had sneaked to my
hotel for some quickie before
leaving and calling to inform
me he’d arrived his own hotel
room. I ignored but the caller
kept calling, four more times.
I became worried and heaved
myself off the bed to the
socket and picked up the

“Mtcheeeeeeew!” I hissed a
very long one and put my
phone on silent. Vera must
have learnt of the wedding
and was calling. I had been
rehearsing for the drama but
didn’t include ungodly hours
in my practice.

I dozed off moments later
and woke up to a long sermon
of how I was a betrayer. She
lamented pathetically in her
text on how she had loved me
so dearly but never
understood why I hated her
so much. She never thought
I’d be going out with Collins
even after her instincts had
given her reasons to. I read
her text and deleted it without
a tinge of guilt.

Just as I was about to leave
my hotel room to the waiting
car, another text came in and
it happened to be part of the
first message that hung. It
was Vera telling me if only I
had told her, I’d never have
made the worst mistake of
my life. I thought of calling
her back to know what she
meant by that before a knock
came on my door.

I was running out of time…

To be continued…

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