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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 1 Episode 8

Collins opted to help me
which I deceitfully, reluctantly
accepted. I just wanted to
keep his entire attention on
me. Perhaps his intention was
to help ready the meal faster
but who cares, I wanted him
close enough for my script to
be complete. So I told him
the things he could help me
do, careful enough not to
make him lose interest. We
continued to gist and I
realised he was lit up and
excited when we talked about
business. Hmmm, he’d
always been like that. How
could I have forgotten.
Business all the way. I
discussed business like I was
Okonjo Iweala’s P.A, what do I
know? I learnt a lot from him

He was explaining the
principles of forex trade when
my phone rang. It was Vera. I
tried to ignore but he urged
me to pick up.

“It’s Vera. I can’t take the call
now, at least not now.” I paled
in a cautious feign of guilt. I
noticed Collins grimaced and
went to fetch something
from the fridge. He returned
with a bottle of juice and
drank from the bottle….
“What’s the matter?” I broke
the uneasy silence. He
hesitated and kept drinking
from the bottle.

“Sorry if I somehow came

“Hey, it’s okay. It wasn’t your

I kept silent and watched the
boiling pot as if my eyes was
the heat that kept it
boiling. As if my silence urged
him on, he seemed to have a
burden to continue. He put
the bottle down on the
kitchen table.

“It’s quite disappointing when
someone you thought you
loved turned out to be
something totally different.”
He put on a sad look. “I’m still
surprised you are friends with
her. I still can’t believe what
happened that night.” He
picked up the bottle again.

“What?” I was not happy with
the way the day is going
already. Not at this early and
hot time.


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