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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 1 Episode 7

After unpacking my things, I
sat on the large bed and took
in a deep breathe. I was going
to take my time and act
meticulously, even in my
dressing. At this thought I
sprang from the bed and
went to work. I selected the
preferred outfit for this stroll.
A pink bum short and a white
loose t-shirt that dangled just
a little above my waist, and a
pink lipstick to compliment it.
Thank goodness for the
mirror at the far end of the
room, just by the dressing
table, it boosted my
confidence. I turned my back
to the mirror and pushed my
bombom up, I slapped it
gently in appreciation. Ooops!
Killer instincts. Ready for
action. Today na today.
I hesitated at the door with a
hand on the knob before
turning it gently. I eased
myself into the sitting room
and found him watching Zee
World. He had heard me
enter the sitting room so he
muttered something and
impatiently and grumpily
picked up the remote
controller and switched off
the TV – I still can’t fathom
where men’s detestation for
Zee World is rooted.

“You surprise me.” he
started, without even looking
at me. “You didn’t take too
much time unlike all the other
women I’ve…” He paused at
his turn to look at me
standing with my t-shirt
knotted just above my belly
button and the sleeves rolled
up a bit. He was confused as
to what to say next. That’s
just what I’d hoped for. I
giggled and shifted from side
to side swaying my firm
bombom as his eyes ravaged
me almost palpably.

“You’re staring…” I hated
pulling him out of his trance,
but it seemed cool anyway.

“Oh… Sorry…” He
stammered. “You look
gorgeous. I really can’t find
the perfect word.” He was
finally able to find his voice.
“Hey, please stop” I smiled
from cheek to cheek. “Shall
we?” I indicated in the
direction of the door exit.

“Yeah. Ladies first.” He
angled his head in a
gentlemanly goad.

I loved it like this, because I
had another chance to show
the trunk of my G-wagon. I
could feel his eyes drawing
patterns on my back as I left
the house with him trailing
behind obediently.

The stroll was full of random
discussions from a little bit of
politics drawn from the state
of the nation’s economy to
trending celebrity gists. We
finally got to the supermarket
and walked through the glass
doors into the well illuminated
state of the art supermarket.
The way they greeted him
made it obvious he wasn’t
new to them but what struck
me the more was how they
looked at me. The sales girls
smiled back at me and threw
compliments my way.

I was wondering when I
became such a radiant beauty
to be complimented in such a
manner, or was it because of
Collins? Maybe, they thought
I was his girlfriend. Oh, that’s
it. A little glance at Collins’
way caught him grinning at
the girls’ compliments. Oh
dear, it was working. He
seemed to like my rapport
with the girls as I picked the
things for dinner – a pepper
soup rice with goat meat
would create a romantic
atmosphere, I’d thought. I
threw in a few jokes and
everyone guffawed; Collins
the biggest culprit.

The walk back home was a bit
briskier as we were feeling
famished already. While he
carried the larger grocery bag,
I had the smaller one with
me. I occasionally and
deliberately bumped into his
arm so they made contact
with my oranges, I would act
like I didn’t​ know what I was
doing; just innocent and free.
His jokes cracked me up

As soon as we arrived the
house, I took the bags from
him and headed straight to
the kitchen. Wow! Every
woman’s dream kitchen.
Thank God for a little bit of
exposure and the internet,
moreso, our so mush
detested Zee World and
Telemundo, they made the
kitchen look familiar. I quickly
went to the sink to washed
the goat meat.

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