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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 1 Episode 4

I entered the supermarket
again after leaving before. I
went straight for the female
attendant and asked her
about Desmond. As they say,
curiosity killed the cat. She
told me that Desmond is a
graduate but became a driver
for a very rich family as there
are no job opportunities
coming forth yet.

“Hian! OK.” I thanked her for
the info and left. When I got
to the lodge, Vera was already
back, still on her shoes. She
lay silently on her bed.

“Haaaa, you are back
already?” I dropped my stuffs
and went straight to Veras
bed. “How did it go?” She was
crying. “What happened na?
Why are you in this mood?”
I asked.

Vera sat up, meeting my
gaze, she gave a deep sigh
and wiped her tears with the
back of her left hand.

“When we got to the hotel,
Collins and I kissed so
passionately for about twenty
minutes, then he proceeded
in making love to me, of
which I declined.

“OK. So?” I was not satisfied.
“I regretted declining. Collins
is a very nice guy. He was hurt
by my actions, but I’m just
scared!” I nodded in a pitiful

“I’m scared of STDs, scared
of pregnancy, etc.” She
continued with a sad face. “I
then suggested we go for
medical tests before we do
anything.” She looked really
sad now.

“Why is he hurt na?” I held
her cheeks. “Abegi, you did
the right thing jare.” I hissed.
“Na wa for guys o.” I patted
her shoulder.

“I was surprised Collins left
without talking to me.” Vera
said. “Early this morning, he
just started putting his things
in order and dropped some
money for me. I refused
collecting the money because
I thought, I’m not a
prostitute, and after all he
didn’t do anything to me.”
She continued.

“You mean you left the
money there for him?” I
asked in amazement.

“Yes. And he collected it.”
She replied. “Then he told me
he is leaving, and that
whenever I feel like, I can
leave too. That was all he said
to me before leaving in such
a mannerless way.” Vera

“Hmm.” I gave a deep sigh.
“Calm down, baby girl. That
guy ain’t real! He is a f–k
boy! Very stupid boy!” I raged!
“Calm down, you hear?” I
lifted up her face looking her
right in the eyes. Deep in my
mind, I was so happy. At least,
I go rest from all these Collins
noise here and there. Haba! I

“Ehn Ehn!” I broke the little
silence. “Guess who I saw at
the supermarket today? I
turned to Vera smiling

“Who?” Vera asked

“Desmond!” I chuckled.
“Oh really?” She looked
lighted. “That’s nice. How’s
he doing na? I can’t even
remember the last time I
picked his call sef.” She said.
“I forgot to tell you sef. He
asked me out and gave me
time to think about it, but i
told him I have a boyfriend,
yet he won’t give up.

“Really?” I exclaimed. “no
gree ooo.” I replied in a rather
disgusting way.

“Why?” She was surprised at
my sudden attitude towards
the fine man.

“Because he is a driver!” I
broke the bubble. “Desmond
is a driver to a rich family.
Though he is a graduate but
nne, he doesn’t have money.”
I acted out to show how disgusting I am at having poor
people around me. “We need
to be upgrading and not
demoting ourselves.” I said

Vera just looked extremely
surprised at the new found
truth about Desmond. She
had to delete his number
from his phone immediately
without a second thought.


[/b]“Collins hasn’t called o!” Vera
flung her bag angrily at her
bed just as she entered the

“What is it again this time,
Vera baby?” I asked with a
funny look.

“He couldn’t even call to at
least tell her he arrived home
safely, and he isn’t picking my
calls either.” She broke her
down to tears as usual. She is
not as lively as before after
Collins dumped her. She said
she just want to hear his
voice. That’s all.
Her phone rang minutes later.
She walked sluggishly to
answer the call without
looking at her phone screen.

She wished it would just be
Collins. Surprisingly, it was

Desmond thanked God that
she picked his call today. He
slightly complained about
calling her since eternity, and
how he’d continued to pray
for her to pick his calls.
In spite of all Desmond had to
say, my friend mood was not
moved at all, rather she grew
sadder at his talks that she
had to end the call and put
off her phone. Collins
thoughts filled her soul so
deep I was nearly thinking
she’d soon become a living
However, after some days, I
was tempted to steal Collins
number from her phone and
try my luck. I succeeded and
at first, lied to him about
being an old friend of his. I
immediately changed my
whatsapp profile picture so he
won’t know I’m the one. That
was how my story with Collins

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