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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 1 Episode 3

As we got close to Collins car
with our different smiley
faces, our minds couldn’t
stop imagining how he’d look
Wow! He is more cute in
reality than in his pictures! His
lips are…. OMG . His height
is nothing to be compared
with all the yeye boys in
school. My heart wandered
after Collins. I wished he was
Vera greeted him with a peck
on the cheek. “Here’s my
friend, Fifi.” She said to
Collins holding my hands
tightly. She does that
whenever she is shy and
talking to someone.
“Hi Fifi” He waved. “You have
a cute smile.” He smiled.
Wow! I felt butterflies in my
tummy when he said that, but
all I could do was smile back
He asked us into the car on a
treat to take us out. He
particularly insisted I join
them, which I did without
making any eye contact with
my friend to know if she is
against it or not. I guess
I didn’t care. After all, he is
not yet her husband. I
We stopped at a fastfood
restaurant, went to the
movies, did a bit of window
shopping and all that. But
throughout our outing, Collins
was all over Vera. They care
less about my presence. They
kiss passionately before me,
without respect. I was so
furious inside of me.
‘She should have little respect
for me na.’ I thought.
As it grew dark, I was thinking
of taking my leave, and leave
the two love birds to eat up
themselves since they can’t
wait till when they get to the
‘Was I being jealous?’ I asked
myself as I walked out of the
place we were. ‘Hell no! I can’t
be jealous na.’ I replied
myself stupidly.
“Baby girl, I have to leave
now.” I tapped Vera on the
shoulder. “Make I allow una
enjoy una self wella.” I held
her hands smiling. “Collins,
please take good care of my
friend ooo.” I faced Collins
with a smile.
She looked as if she was not
so happy that I wanted to
leave, but she needed the
privacy with her guy too. I
returned to my logde and
imagined what will happen at
the hotel with those two. I got
so angry with myself that I
had to walk up to the mirror
and ask myself, ‘Am I not as
beautiful? Why can’t I get a
good looking guy like Collins?’
The ones that see me on the
road and start doing all kinds
of animal noises just to get
my attention are always keke
drivers, taxi drivers, or small
boys who don’t have respect
for their elders.
See me, I dress well, speak
well and intelligent too! So
what exactly is wrong with
I hated myself and cried to
sleep that night.
The next day, I got a call from
Vera. Her voice was shaky. I
became scared.
“What’s the problem baby
girl?” I asked tensely.
“I’ll gist you when I get back.
It’s a long story.” She replied.
“OK, just calm down. See you
soon.” I dropped the call.
I took my bath, had a light
breakfast, did the laundry,
washed Vera’s clothes too,
cleaned our shoes then I
decided to go to a closeby
supermarket to pick some of
my toiletries.
At the door of the
supermarket was Desmond
carrying stuffs he just bought
from the supermarket. Well,
he didn’t recognise me but I
“Hello Desmond, you
remember me?” I asked with
a smile.
“Eehm, I’m so sorry, please
remind me again.” He said
trying to remember my face.
“Hmmm, let me help you
drop the groceries in your car,
then I’ll remind you of who I
am.” I said as I reached out to
help with what he was
“Awww, that’s so nice of
you.” He handed me some of
the groceries.
After dropping the stuffs, I
asked him of the last time he
heard from Vera.
“Ooooooooh!!!” He exclaimed.
“You are Vera’s friend!
Remind me your name again.”
He said.
“Yes! Fifi!” He clapped his
hands like he made an effort
trying to remember my
name. “How is school and
“School is fine. We bless
“And you, how’s work and
everything?” I asked.
“Well, we bless God too.” We
laughed heartily. “By the way,
you look so radiant and
stunning. I… I don’t know
what to say.” Effused
“Awww, I’m blushing.” I faked
blushes. “Thanks, Desmond.”
Suddenly, we heard a Lady
calling Desmond from
“I have to go now, my madam
needs me.” Desmond said as
he left hurriedly.
“Madam kwa?” I pondered.
“Hian! Let it not be what I’m
thinking ooo.”
I entered the supermarket to
pick my toiletries and went
home thinking.

be continued……

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