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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 1 Episode 13

Semi final
“Yeah, but I feel it’s way
beyond that. Look, that story
was too cheap to make me
believe it.” I gave a no-
nonsense look. “Although I
did at that time but come to
think of it, a friendship and
dating that lasted that long
online to just snap and end in
one brief, holy night that was
supposed to cement it.” I
explained using my two hands
as if one was the brick and
the other was the cement.

“Oh baby, that’s a cheap pill
to sell.”

Vera heaved a sigh and
obviously looked exasperated
by my persistence. “So,
what’s the sudden interest in
Collins after all this time?”
She enquired, searching my

“I told you, just curiosity.
Sorry I brought it up at the
wrongest time like you put it.”
We stared at each other for
awhile. “You know what, just
forget it if you don’t want to
tell me. It’s okay.” I did as if I
wasn’t interested anymore.
“Okay fine, I’ll tell you.” She
sighed and looked downward.

“Collins is a great guy… was a
great guy.” I finally won, I
thought. “You know I loved
him so much. Yeah, so so
much, but I discovered a side
of him I couldn’t put up with.”
She continued with her usual
sad face. “I said some things
to him that night that made
me feel so bad afterwards.
It’s the guilt of the things I
said that have made me
always call his number. But to
date him again, never.”

The last word left me in shock

“What was it you discovered
about him?” I wanted to know
by all means.

She sighed again and was
about to speak when the door
bell rang. “He’s here!
Desmond!” She gave a light

Oh no! She didn’t wait another
second before scurrying to
the door to let Desmond in.
She was all frantic and excited
again. I’d never seen my
friend in that mood ever. The
remaining part of that night
was tormenting for me.

To be continued…

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