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Screaming Woman Next Door (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

When I lowered myself down so that I could suck her n*pples Shari was having a massive orgasm, screaming and bashing her knuckles against the wall. It all seemed to arouse Adele. She arched her back, dug her nails into me and whispered, “Please eat me out.”

I slowly slipped down her body and I placed my head between her legs. She opened then wider to offer me better access and I started to probe her bush with my tongue. Her groove was wet and warm and I licked it up, down and sideways, causing her to gasp and maneuver her ass about.

Stretching my arms upwards I grabbed on to her tits as I sucked and nibbled at her pink folds. Soon she was calling out “F*ck,” at the top of her voice, and then she began to shake all over and started to repeat, “I cumming, I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!”

She grabbed onto my forearms and then issued another request, or command – “F*CK ME!” I figured perhaps I should have a say in the proceedings and so I told her I’d f*ck her if she turned over for me.

Soon she was on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass stuck up in the air. It took me three tries to get it into her cunt and when I did she gasped as if surprised how much cock I managed to cram into her tight orifice. I reached around so that I could hold onto her tits and then I started to ram it into her. After a while, I repositioned, without losing the stroke, and held onto her hip bones. From that point on I went like the clappers making a slapping sound as I slammed into her plump round bum.

I went even faster when I felt my cum moving up my pipe and she screamed as I shot my load and collapsed face forward onto the rug with me on the top of her. We hadn’t laid there panting for many seconds when my two neighbors started up again, prompting Adele to move into the “69” position and take my d!ck into her mouth.

With my face buried deep into her muff, I did my best to give her a good tongue-lashing but found it hard to concentrate with her lips sliding up and down my cock. When I felt myself cumming again I licked faster and faster hoping she would cum at the same time and – she did!

It was like being on a picnic with me sucking on her sweet juices and her taking a whole mouthful of goo. We relaxed a few minutes to get our breath back and then we got dressed and I made her some coffee.

“Who told you I had an apartment vacant?” I asked.

“My sister.”

“Oh – does she live around here?”

“Yes – right next door. It’s Shari.”

“Oh,” I said again, taken somewhat by surprise, “You won’t have far to go to visit her then.”

“ I won’t be visiting her in her apartment,” she grimaced, “not while she’s living with him.”

“You don’t like Richard?”

“I hate him” she cried, with a great deal of anger showing in her face, “he’s the prick that moved out on me.”


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