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Schoolgirl Obsessions (18+) – Season 3 – Episode 4 [Completed]

His cock was now throbbing and ready for action and so was Taisha. She was quite creative and got him to sit on one of the kitchen chairs while she bounced her ass up and down on his shaft. Every time her tits made contact with his chest and her cunt crashed into his thighs, a bolt of lightning careened all the way up to his brain. It wasn’t long before he felt his cum moving upwards and there was a massive explosion as he shot his load deep inside of her love canal. She screamed out loud and wrapped her arms around him crushing her tits against his face and almost suffocating him.

Just as she pumped the final drops out of him the door crashed open and Cristina, struggling with three suitcases, stumbled through the door yelling, “I’m home – I couldn’t live without you, sweetie.”

When Cristina saw the two naked bodies, still joined at the groin, the cases dropped to the floor, “Holy f*ck you’ve gone bi on me,” she gasped.

She didn’t realize it was her old classmate sitting in the chair, with his d!ck up the cunt of her partner, until she stamped across the room to face him.

“Holy shit, it’s Hugo,” she cried, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” he mumbled, going very red in the face.

“And you ended up f*cking my partner.”

“He’d come a long way to see you so I just wanted to reward his efforts,” stammered Taisha, climbing off of his now deflated cock.

“And I don’t suppose you told him about you – did you?” said Cristina, with a rather big sigh.

“Told me what?” asked Hugo, panicking a little, in case the crack he’d just licked and fertilized was home by some insidious STD.

“I didn’t tell you that I also used to be in your class at school,” said Taisha, holding out her hand, “I’m Tye, I had a s*x change some years ago so that Cristina and I could live together as two Lesbians.”

Hugo’s therapist, who he’s been seeing for the last three years, has assured him that one day he’ll be able to achieve an erection again, but the nervous twitch he developed in his left eye may well be permanent. THE END

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