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Schoolgirl Obsessions (18+) – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 4]

Schoolgirl Obsessions

Schoolgirl Obsessions

by Cristiano Caffieri

At 22 Hugo Harrison was no more successful with women than he was in High School when he idolized Cristina Santiago. Even the sound of her name would start his heart fluttering and his d!ck throbbing. She was absolutely gorgeous and every boy in school would have liked to have asked her out but they didn’t dare. Not if they wanted to wanted to keep their facial features intact.

Cristina was claimed, as it were, by Tye Moston, a black student who was also a part-time cage fighter. Consequently, all Hugo could do, if he wanted to live long enough to graduate, was admire her from afar.

Like a lot of teens, they lost contact after they’d finished school but he often thought about her. One his fondest memory was her eighteenth birthday when she came to class in a plunging neckline and he came in his pants, along with a dozen other guys. As she walked arm in arm with Tye that day everyone scattered, afraid that they’d be accused of looking at those huge tits that swayed to and from with every move.

It was while embracing that memory one day that he decided to look her up on Facebook. He wondered if she’d married that two-fisted maniac but she hadn’t she was sharing an apartment in Cleveland with a girl named Taisha.

Hugo didn’t think it would do any harm to send her a message, even though he was pretty certain she wouldn’t reply – but she did! She almost seemed pleased that he’d made contact and added him to friends list.

He still lived in Michigan and although he would certainly have made the short trip into Ohio, if there had been the slightest chance of a date, he quickly put it out of his mind. However, the most extraordinary thing happened at the company where he worked. Mr. Grimwood, the head of his department, came down with the flu and couldn’t attend a hardware convention, where it was essential their company be represented. It just happened to be in CLEVELAND! And who did they ask to take his place but Hugo.

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