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Schoolgirl Obsessions (18+) – Season 2 – Episode 5

The mattresses were built high off the floor and so he stood at the foot of the bed, grabbed her opened legs and dragged her towards him so that her cunt was in direct line with his throbbing cock. She looked up at him and smiled, waiting anxiously for penetration, she didn’t have to wait more than a split second. Holding on to her legs he moved forward and rammed it in, as far as it would go. Withdrawing it fully he rammed it in again, and again and again. Angela was groaning as if she was in pain but when he developed a rhythm and slid it in and out of her quivering quim at an ever increasing pace her groans changed into a whimper.

With her eyes closed tight and her tits swinging in time with his stroke she looked so f*cking beautiful. He would have liked to have just kept that up for an hour – but it rarely works out that way. His balls were beginning to tingle as they crashed against her ass and it was long before he felt his cum surging upward and he shot his load deep inside of her.

Angela’s screams seemed to indicate that she came at the same time and her body started to vibrate violently.

“Holy f*ck Chuck,” she cried, somewhat poetically, “that was f**king amazing.”

The way that she’d treated him since he arrived at her door had, to a great extent, erased those unpleasant schoolgirl memories. However, there was a little spot in one corner of his brain that still yearned for revenge. He quickly turned her over so that her ass was in the air, spit on his still erect d!ck, and drove it into her ass. She was not expecting that and started to breathe heavy as he grabbed onto her tits and plowed it into her.

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