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Schoolgirl Obsessions (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 4

Prune Danish and Bran Muffins were scattered all over the floor as he forcefully rammed his cock into her. With his arms extended around her so that he could hang onto her soft warm tits, he continued to thrust it in and out as she was moaned and groaned out loud.

Theresa was longing for him to drop it a notch and slide into her hot wet crack. When he did so, she screamed and continued to scream as he increased his pace and the perspiration from his brow dripped onto her naked back.

When his balls felt as if they were going to boil and drop off he shot his load. Theresa shoved her ass hard against his groin as if to get as much of his d!ck and goo into her pink orchid as was humanly possible. Whatever residue was left she sucked out with her full ruby lips, digging her nails into his ass so she could force it deep into her mouth.

Noting his cock was still erect, and capable of another round, she brushed all the cakes and plates off of the counter with a sweep of her arm and lay on it with her legs dangling over the end and her cunt open for business. As he pounded her p**sy he could see her tits swaying from side to side and this made him frantic to cum for the second time.

His powerful thrusts began to move the counter over the tiled floor, and a shelf, that she attempted to hold onto, fell off the wall with a clatter. The whole place was looking like a war zone as he continued to plow it into her.

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