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Schoolgirl Obsessions (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 2

Theresa Brown, nee Lindley, was widowed after her husband, an avid rock climber, had been scraped off the rocks at nearby Matlock Bath. That’s where she now ran a little tea shop and bakery. He walked out of Bernie’s office with a little dossier in his hand, trembling at the thought of meeting her again.

Larry began by going to the picturesque little town of Matlock Bath and it only took him ten minutes to find the tea shop in question. He stood outside for a while trying to figure out how to exact revenge against the girl who’d made him cry in front of the whole class.

“Maybe I’ll be an obnoxious customer,” he thought, “I’ll teach her how it feels to be humiliated in front of a lot of other people,” but when he walked in the shop there wasn’t a single customer. It was a rundown establishment, with a few cakes on some improvised shelving, and behind the counter stood a rather sad looking Theresa.

He sat down at a table by the window and to his amazement the girl who had taunted him unmercifully at school, came straight over and blurted out, “You’re Laurence Cowlishaw – ain’t you? I thought you’d gone to America.”

His jaw dropped a mile and he stammered incoherently, but whatever he said was lost in the enthusiastic garble of Theresa. She said she never forgot a face, and then insisted he had some coffee and cake in the house. Sitting across from him she rolled those big blue eyes just like she used to do at school.

However, she didn’t seem to be the confident manipulative little bitch she was back then. In fact, there were tears in her eyes as she started to tell him what a failure she was.

“I’ve spent all my husband’s insurance money on this horrible shop and now I’m going broke,” she sniffled, then after blowing her nose rather loudly on her apron, she continued, “I can’t bake worth a shit,” she said, “You’ll see what I mean when you taste that cake. But I can’t close because I have a long lease and the owner wants two thousand pounds to cancel it.”

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