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SAY YOUR MIND!!! As A Nigerian, What Can Yoruba & Igbo Do To Move Wealth & Power Away From The North?

The Northerners are so influential ehn, don’t worry – they are the one running this Country from the very beginning…

– EFCC does not arrest youths in the North but they do so across other part of the Country.

– Check all the Top agencies across the County, Hausa & Fulani are those controlling them.

How Did They Got So Much Power?

The Northerner became very powerful because of their heavy involvement in Military.

While other parts/tribes in Nigeria ignored joining the Military, the Northerners saw the potential and goodies attached and they all bombarded the force. Look at the outcome today, most of the Army Generals and all powerful commanders all hail from the North.

Their Heavy Influence In Government

Take your time, Google search all the top sectors in Nigeria, the Hausa’s and Fulani’s are the one controlling them. They have stationed themselves everywhere and it seems they are not ready to back out anytime soon.

From NPC, CBN, EFCC and every other Ministries and parastatals in Nigeria – the Northerners are the one controlling it.

If I continue listing, I will definitely be needing extra shit of paper 🤣🤣🤣

Now, we have a question for you all and we want your honest opinions on this matter

What Do You Think Other Region/Tribe Should Do To Be Great Like The Northerners?

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