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Saved By Sin – Season 1 Episode 27

“Gabriel, you just called me a prostitute” Queen
said as tears immediately began to flow down
her cheeks. “Excuse me, was I lying about
that?” Gabriel asked with no sign of remorse,
“No, you didn’t lie, you are right, I am a
prostitute, thank you very much for everything,
and I really appreciate” She told him and turned
to walk away. He had the urge to call her back
but his pride wouldn’t let him. He watched her
walk away out of his presence, out of his
compound and then tears slowly started to drop
from his eyes, he loves her, he really do.
As she walked out of the compound, she ran
towards a tree and immediately bursted into
tears using the tree as a support to stand. “He
called me a prostitute” She said continuously
as she cried. Yes, he was very right, she had
displayed the exact act of a prostitute the day
before by sleeping with John but if there is
someone to call her a prostitute, it was not to
be Gabriel. She cried for about 20 minutes
before finally wiping off her tears. As she
walked down the road back to the hostel, she
was determined not to go back to him begging
again, she still love him but she won’t go to
him for a talk, she would always continue to
love him in silence even if he doesn’t come
back to her, he is the only guy that had
succeeded in turning her from her wayward self
to a bit of a better person. Even if he ends up
with another girl, she would still continue to
love him in silence but never will she go back
to him unless he comes to her. He is a good
and true guy unlike other guys who will only
want to sleep with her and go, he was never
interested in sex, he had loved her even after he
knew the kind of person she was but everything
thing changed the night he came back to tell
her he was a cultist. She tried to flashback to
the first time she had met him, she had always
seen him in class but they never came close no
to talk of them having a discussion, the first
time she had caught him staring at her was
during the fresher welcome night party, he was
just sitting on a table close to where she was
dancing, she had seen him staring at her
continuously and she had thought he wanted to
dance with her but someone else was already
doing that. The surprising thing about him that
day was that of all drinks he should have taken,
he was busy enjoying himself with the bottle of
water he had in his hand. After that moment,
she had gone drunk and couldn’t remember and
she finally landed in his hostel the next
morning. When she had woken up that morning
to see him sitting on a chair, she had thought
he must have had a fight with the guy she was
initially dancing with to have been able to bring
her to his hostel. Of course, she had though he
must have had her for the night, no Uniben guy
would bring a beautiful girl like her home
without sleeping with her. He must be a weak
fellow or a learner in sleeping with girls
because unlike when other guys sleep with her
overnight, she felt no body pain. She stared at
him again and saw him staring at her too, he
had an innocent face. She got up and asked
him for her pay for the sex he had with her but
he denied it. She wasn’t going to take that, she
had encountered boys like that in the past who
had wanted to use her for free but she happen
to be just a wise girl who grew up in the ghetto
so all these were nothing to her. She forced
him to pay her the money and he did with
sorrow and bitterness. She thought she was
wise until she got home to discover that her
menstrual pad was still on her, it was then she
knew she had extorted him unjustly. She had
promised herself to look for him and refund
him back his money with a serious apology but
the next time she had seen him, he got a good
round of beating with some boys who had
thought he was a thief because he was actually
running away from her. After then, they gradually
began to fall in love with each other. What a
funny way to meet a guy, he was different from
any other guy, always straightforward and
truthful, they were just getting to the beginning
of their love life when problem set in and he
became the cultist who wanted to have nothing
to do with her.
Israel got home that day, it had been a bad
night and the celebration couldn’t hold because
they didn’t see Gabriel. As he stepped into the
house, he was surprised to see Gabriel’s foot
wear just outside the door. “Gabriel” he called
with relief as he entered into the room, he was
shocked to meet his friend crying. “What is
wrong with you?” He asked Gabriel, since he
had known Gabriel, he hardly sees Gabriel cry, it
was rare. Gabriel didn’t answer him, he
continued with his silent cry. Now Israel began
to think about the one thousand and one wrong
things that must have made his friend cry. “Bro,
what is it?” Israel asked again and this time,
Gabriel opened up and narrated all that had
since the previous night. “You see something
about love, it is something you can’t hide, I will
advise you to swallow your pride and go have a
talk with her, finds out who she wants, and if
John Femi is the one forcing himself on her,
then there might be another clash between us
again” Israel told him, “But, most importantly,
you should go talk to her first, a simple talk
will go a long way” Israel patted him. Gabriel
thought he was right, that was the best thing to
do, talk.
It was another fine weekend, John Femi car
drove into the hall two car park, he had come
to see Queen. He had called her the previous
day on phone and had told her he would come
to take her out the next day for shopping.
Queen didn’t object, she was actually looking
for a way to calm herself and going for
shopping wouldn’t be a bad idea. She soon
came out to meet him, she was just dressed in
a simple wear. “Good afternoon” She greeted
John with a forced smile, Just returned her
greeting and hugged her lightly, as they were
still exchanging pleasantries, a taxi drove into
the park and stopped, the inhabitant was
Gabriel and the first thing his eyes caught was
John opening the door for Queen to get in, he
felt really bad because he had actually come to talk.
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