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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 9


Shortly after my husband came back with Grace.
Thanks for bringing him back I know you are a good woman i commended her
No problem what are friends for if not to help one another she said.
My husband hugged me, I have forgiven you, let the past not hunt you again I am here for you and that low life man won’t do anything stupid again I promise. After saying those words he then kissed me. I went and brought drinks which I and my husband including my friend did drink.

One day I came back from work, although the emperor has stop his wicked harassment after learning that I have told my husband everything. I was happy my marriage has been save, I went back home after the long day couple with the things I went through while in the shop. When I got home I went straight to my bedroom, I reached my bedroom and opened the door to my greatest surprised I saw my best friend Grace with my husband on the same bed sleeping with their clothes littered around the bedroom. It was a big blow to me I couldn’t shout nor talking for about 15 seconds then I let out my voice. What is happening here I said with a shout. Grace got up covering herself very well with the blanket while my husband woke up confused. He looked under the blanket just to see he was naked, he looked to his right and saw Grace by his right hand side. What are you doing here? my husband asked grace. what type of question you forced me to have sex with you she replied. me force you why? how? when? where? he asked. the time I arrived your house she replied. but it seems my husband can’t remember anything. I was raging in anger not to cause trouble there I went downstairs to wait for them to dress up and come I know if I let the beast in me out I will do something stupid I can even kill her. My husband followed me trying to explain himself. See I did not do anything I promise, I don’t know what even happened to me.

Honey believe me I am innocent he said. But I couldn’t here him because of my raging anger when my best friend came down to apologise saying it was the devil’s work I first of all landed a heavy slap on her right cheeks then asked her to leave my house never to set my eyes on her again. She left without any shame on her face. Oh! Friends friends, I regret ever having a friend like her who will stoop so low to have sex with my husband it was a great shame so I said in my mind. While lost in my own world a voice pleading got my attention. Honey am sorry please it won’t happen again I did not know what happened I am speechless I don’t know please forgive me my husband said looking sorrowful for his deeds but it was very hard for me to forgive him, I went inside with tears rolling down my cheeks.

14 days later I was seating on the sofa when I heard a knock on the door, although I and my husband have moved on with our lives and grace never showed her ugly face again. When I opened the door low and behold it was Grace. My husband too was present then. Who is it honey my husband said from inside. It is Grace I replied. He came to the door were I was standing as soon as he heard Grace name.

What are you doing here I asked, I came to give you this she replied. Get out of my house right now before. She, interrupting my husband before you do what. Take this report. I took the report when I read through it I couldn’t believe my eyes I was short of words then I passed it to my husband he read through the report which stated that Grace is 1 week pregnant with my husband’s baby, I mothers in-law appeared from God knows where. wait am going to have my grandsons she said, there and then I knew my marriage was over.

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