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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 8

After my uncle’s advice I went back home, I have already put in mind to tell him everything so that the women he use to keep outside he will keep them no more. though I use to confront him of that but he could always say I won’t understand why he is keeping late night that if I know I will tell him he is a strong man. I waited for him to arrive.
Finally he arrived I arrange myself expecting him to come in. When he came in I immediately knelt down asking for his forgiveness.
he never minded rather he went upstairs to have his bath.

I went upstairs with him just to make sure I apologise to him but still the same nonsense behaviors that make me think he has another wife outside. i do ask him constantly why he was behaving like that but anytime I ask he will just snub me and walk out on me.i haven’t told him of my past yet there is separation what if I say everything to him it could have been worst than this then. but anyhow I must tell him.
that evening I couldn’t sleep again I was thinking about everything thing happening in my house when I received a call.

I picked up low and behold it was the emperor the thorn in my flesh.
Hello baby I need more money he said and hang up the phone
I couldn’t help it but to transfer the sum of two hundred thousand naira for him again.
what kind of man I got married to that will not hear the heartbeat of his wife I said in my mind.
while I was still lost in my own world thinking of what to do a soft hand from behind touched me. honey come and sleep my husband said.
I can’t if you don’t want to hear me out I replied.
okay I will hear you out tomorrow he said.
I harkened to his words and went to sleep.
“ nooooo someone help me, so said,I was kidnapped by the emperor, they tired something on my eyes for me not to see what was happening, when they finally removed it I saw grace with a machete in her hands trying to cut me. I shouted in fear then woke up from my bed saying no no no. I looked on my body no scars were made I looked again to confirm I then realized it was only but a dream, what could this dream mean I asked myself. my husband was fast asleep I guess he never heard the noise I make. As there was nobody to talk to I went back to sleep with those thoughts in my mind.

the next morning when I woke up I saw my husband getting prepared to go out.
Honey before you go out please let me tell you something I requested.
I am busy I don’t have time for your nonsense talk he said.
please let me just tell you about my past I requested but he gave me deaf ears. he went downstairs after taking his briefcase I ran after him because that day I was determined to tell him everything I can’t hide it for long.
I held him by his trouser before he had no option but to listen to me.
okay now talk he said.
please forgive me I replied
What did you do that I should forgive you? He asked.
I am a bad person please forgive me. I replied
I don’t understand, what did you mean? I am confused he said
I was about to say the truth when my friend entered and saw me kneeling down.
Sorry I didn’t knock what is happening here? She asked.
I was……. Grace cut in Interrupting my own words with a question
what is happening na?

Nothing my wife wants to tell me something my husband said directing it to grace, talk am listening this time directing his words to me.
Honey with tears rolling down my cheeks i am sorry for hiding it from you all this while I was meant to tell you but i thought it was not relevant, now I know it is important I.
Okay tell me the important thing you want to say I am late for work he said angrily.
I was once a…….. My best friend cut in again everything is in the past let the past be in the past na.
I won’t let it now I must tell him everything and Damm the consequences. My impatient husband was already boiling in anger.

My husband I was once a w—e…. I narrated everything to him, he was shocked beyond measure he couldn’t talk again his anger subsided, he dropped his briefcase and held his head, tears were running down his cheeks. This is the first time I saw my husband crying, now I believe the statement that says When a man cries something deep must have cost it to be so, he walked backwards then went out of the house.i will blame myself it was totally my fault if I had told him earlier he would have forgiven me and we would have moved on so I said. Leave him let me go and handle him myself grace said and left the house too running after my husband.

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