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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 7

“My friend so you are married and you didn’t even border to tell me” he said pretentiously
“How did you know my place”? I asked
“You know me I always asked about you from others” he said. My husband was just staring at the man as if he knows him from somewhere, there I quickly insisted for him to leave my house and never come back but instead he sat on the sofa as if he owns the house.
“Won’t you give me even though it is water to drink it was difficult locating your house” he said.
“Why are you here”? I asked angrily
He smiled, I am here because of you I came to take you away he said putting on a serious face.
What I shouted
“hahahahahahaha you fell for it I was just joking remember your agreement it will be every month you will be giving me that thing”he said and walked out.
And 5minutes of suspense because of the emperor’s words, my husband finally broke the silence with a question.
“What did he mean by thing”he was although emphatic on that statement but I tried to wave the question away.
I don’t know what he meant by that because that is how he use to do back then in those days I replied.
Why did he say he wants to take you away, why? he asked again.
That is how he use to do I replied. He went upstairs angrily, dressed up and left the house for me. I tried to stop him but he pushed me away letting me to hit my head on the floor. What have I done to myself? Was the question that escape my mouth.

It was 12 midnight my husband was not yet back from were he went to. I was about to go upstairs when I heard a knock on the door.
I went and opened the door low and behold it was my husband looking drunk I took him inside not quit long he went inside he started throwing up. I rushed and brought water to clean his vomit. What have you done to yourself? I asked but he never replied. I took him upstairs to clean him up but he pushed me away. Don’t touch me he said.
He went into the bathroom, took his shower then came back and lie down with his towel on him. Tears was flowing down my cheeks uncontrollably, throughout that night I couldn’t sleep because of the incident.

As the days passes the behavior of my husband keep changing. He has started keeping late night and also a particular girl keep on calling his phone which he now told me not to even look at his phone the rest of my miserable life. My caring husband has changed over night maybe because of my childlessness I thought. I try confronting him about his behavior but he keeps on telling me it is not my business. I was so disturbed but i never had anybody to talk to so I went to my uncle I knew him as a wise man I never want to go to my parents because I think it is not the best thing to do they will get angry. It was on a hot sunny afternoon I arrived in the compound of my uncle with my car. He welcomed me warmly inside his house. He offered me a juice but I was already okay so I told him not to bother. he first ask about my husband and how I and my husband are coping with the childlessness, we are doing very well uncle I replied.
So what brought you to my house? As it is said the toad never runs in the day light for nothing either it is after something or something is after him he said.
You are quit correct uncle, our people even said when a child is hurt he/she runs to his/her parents to complain to them and you know I regard you as my father that’s why am here.
Wow what a wise saying that’s true so tell me what’s the problem.
I wanted to be circumlocutious on the issue. When two souls wants to part ways it takes a strong advice to keep them standing.
That’s true dear but you are still being circumlocutious about the whole issues can you go straight to the point.
Okay sir then I narrated the whole scenario to him, he took a deep breath before saying anything.

My daughter I will blame you I won’t blame your husband his words shocked me, it was raw to me. Can a man hide a candle under his bed and not get burnt? Can you sweep dirt under your carpet without it exposing itself? A man that thinks hiding his past from his spouse is digging division between there selves. my daughter if your husband finds out by himself your condition will be worst than putting a vinger water in your mouth. It is not good to hide secret from your spouse, if you do my dear you will shout save my marriage but non could help you out not even your closets friend. You still have time to make everything right go back home and explain to your husband if he loves you he will be there for you althroughout and he will trust you the more. After his advice I decided to tell my husband everything but I was still afraid of the consequences.

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