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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 6

Not knowing what to do I quickly dressed up and went to meet the emperor. I reached the location as said by the emperor but couldn’t find anyone but an uncompleted building. Daring my fears I entered the uncompleted building, in there I met the emperor seating on a bench. I held my pause so tight because men stood behind me.
What did you want from me? I asked
Baby, those days I needed your body but now I need your money if you don’t want this videos to reach your husband better do it he replied.
With anger written all over my face asked “wait are you blackmalling me”?
You can think what ever you want but if I did not get two hundred thousand naira today I promise I will send this videos and more to your husband” he said.
I couldn’t have think less that you will stoop so low because of money i said to him.

Money can make one mad babe and money as it is said makes the world go around. If you want my mouth shut then let the money flow he said. I was confused on what to do wether I should just tell my husband everything and Damm the consequences. But to me if I do that I will lose my husband forever and I know many girls have been eyeing him. I just couldn’t afford to lose him to any other woman i thought in my mind. Okay you will get your money right now I said
With joy written all over his face he said “now you are talking sweetheart”.
But to me I was very angry yet I don’t know what to do to avert this calamity. I asked for his account number which he did gave to me. Instantly I sent two hundred thousand naira to his account.
Wow you can now go when I need more I will call you he said.
I was angry I couldn’t control myself. When you need what?, wait this is your new statics to extract money from me ab? i asked.
What ever you think he said.

I walked out in anger because if I stay there I will do something drastic. I went back home to take some rest because I was really feed up of the whole scenario.
When i got home i saw my husband seating on the sofa probably he was waiting for his darling wife.
Were are you coming from? he asked.
It was a shock to me at first I couldn’t believe my eyes.
You are back, what about the traveling? I asked anxiously.
That did not answer my question were are you coming from? he asked the second time this time he sounded like a man that knows where you went to.
This time I search for words to use but all to no avail.
I… Em… I… No… Sorry… Em I went to see my childhood friends yes childhood friends I said
I know when you are lying, tell me the truth were are you coming from? He asked
I am coming back from somewhere sorry I mean nowhere.. wait I mean my friend’s house. I was bored so I went to see her, I said. Sweat was dripping all over my face.
Why didn’t you go to your work place today? he asked.
I did not want to go today, I just want to relax for a while my sales girl is there after all I replied. I sealing bags and women clothes of all kind and even opened a tailoring workshop nearby. I learnt how to sow clothes back then but I left it because of my husband but now I am back into the business.

He did not say anything again but rather he went upstairs directly to the bedroom probably to have some rest. Yet I was shocked not only at his behavior but him coming back early. what must have happened to my husband, he went to Abuja and came back earlier than expected. I was confused that moment, I asked myself lots of questions that did not need any answer, before going to meet with him in the bedroom.

In the night after taking my bath I went on to lie with my husband on the bed.
Honey why are you back so early? I asked romantically.
But I never go an answer. I continued asking still yet never go an answer. I then went romantically with him to put him in the mood as usual but he just pushed me away.
Don’t disturb me nor touch me unless you want me to get angry with you this night he said. I was speechless because my husband did not use to do that to me but doing it all of a sudden what must be wrong with him, am confused what must have happened to him. So many questions runs through my desert mind till I slept off unknowingly.

The next morning I woke up to discover my husband was not on the bed. I immediately went to the parlour to check whether he is there. When I went downstairs I saw him seating on the sofa watching television. I went on and kissed him but he never reciprocated it, i never took it to heart.

I went to the kitchen to clean it.
I was cleaning when I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it because I know my husband very he won’t go and open it. but to my greatest surprised he went and open it.
Who are you looking for? Kingsley asked the man.
I am looking for my a best friend Linda I heard this is her home the man replied. I was standing listening to there discussion without seeing the visitor’s face. come in she is here already my husband said. when the vistor step in, at first I couldn’t believe my eyes because standing right in front of me is the emperor putting on a wicked smile.

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