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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 5

The next day my husband was to go on a business trip with his bank manager, they were going to do some minor things as said by my husband who got the massage sent to him by his boss. Although not to be bored I have engaged myself in small business to help my husband even though he is Rich, he needs a helper someone that can carry his burdens with him and that was what am there for.

“ honey am going” he said dressing his tie well.
I came out to see him off but when I arrived he was not properly dressed I then took it upon myself to arrange the clothes he was putting on very well like a gentleman. He was not good at dressing like a gentleman but I know how it suppose to be so I do help him out in those things.
Ohhh honey I will be late my boss must be waiting for me he murmured but I ignored, i held his hand after arranging his clothes well and uttered some few prayers. After the short prayers he looked at me and smiled
“that’s why I said you are the best he said.
I smiled back and proceed to kiss him when I heard a knock on the door. At first I ignored it but it came harder the second time.
“Come in the door is open”
I uttered.

It was my friend grace looking well dressed as if she wanted to travel but I never bordered to ask because I was angry.
“She has spoil my moment now” I murmured inside me.
“Welcome grace, how are you”? I asked. “I am fine I just came to tell you I am going to Abuja for a 7 days my bags are outside” she replied.
“Why, what’s wrong? why did you want to go there now is there anything the matter” I asked anxiously because I knew she was not that traveling type unless the matter is serious.
“Nothing much cha I want to go and visit my elder sister over there, I heard she is not doing too well although her husband is there with her but you know men can be so busy with works na, I want to go and take care of her” she concluded.
“for just seven days”? I asked.
“yes na I will come back very soon I can’t leave my business like that na” she replied.
“okayoo I said.
“Wow me too am going to Abuja my husband said.
“are you not going by flight”? grace asked
“nope am not going by flight because of the bad weather today I will go by land” my husband replied
“Wow that’s nice we can all go together” grace concluded.
“Okay take care my husband I will miss u” I said
“I will too honey” he replied and we kissed.
“Wow I like this, I wish to find a man like your husband am very touched by his caring nature”grace said.
“You will my dear” I replied.
“ yes you will” my husband added
They all left though I wanted to cry because my caring husband is leaving me for 3 days because is as if he is going for 3 years.

After they have left I went and continued my cleaning inside.
“Dickson” I called out to our gateman. “Yes madam” he answered and rushed into the house.
“Please help me take this things outside and put it in the wast bin” I said. Without wasting time he picked up the trash and took it outside.
After I was done talking to Dickson my phone rang I picked it up.
“Hello who is this? I asked. the caller laughed wickedly
“Don’t you remember me it is your old time man” the stranger replied.
“Please who is this”? I asked again with anger.
“ Oh you haven’t changed from this your short temperness at all” he replied. “Please who are you”? I asked again. “Guess who am I”? He replied with a question.
“This time I was really angry, “ if you won’t tell me your name then get out from my phone”.
“I am the emperor”he said.

The name he mentioned pieced into my heart, what it was my ex lover a man that frustrated my life while I was still in the brothel, he has have sex with me several times forcefully, and has promise to do more of it for his satisfaction. the most dangerous man in Lagos, a man that has everything he want if he really want it. he wanted to marry me forcefully but I ran away. to another brothel there while doing my street runs I came in contact with my Savior. But he never cease to disturb me, because of his constant disturbances I threw away my former sim card.

“How did you get my number emperor”? I asked.
“It was a friend of mine that gave it to me. I told you you can run but can never hide. I also know you are now married to a handsome rich man but i Promise you you will know no peace in that marriage. I have come to get you back either your husband will die or you or all of us will die. By the way I have a small gift that will be as an evidence of our love life, on your data” he concluded. Before I could say anything he hang up the phone. I entered my WhatsApp to check it because I know he will send it through there, when I open to watch the video I couldn’t believe my eyes it was me having sex with 5 men in one bed and also me having sex with him the emperor which was the second video he sent. My body grew cold. My phone rang again I picked it up.

“meet me in an uncompleted building near that oginigba, if you do not come this videos and more will be send to your husband and you know what that means, I will first torment you before taking you back fully” he said and hang up the phone. I run short of words when he hang up the phone, i couldn’t think straight again what should I do?, I can’t call my husband because of my secret, I can’t contact my friend she has gone far away to Abuja, who should I tell my problems to they are too much for me to bare?.


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