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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 4


I reached home with my husband. It was an awesome ride although, honey I want to have some rest I said to him. Go and have your bath I want to take you out so that your mood will be changed to normal ones again since my mom was the one that spoilt your mood he replied. Hmmmmm okay I will but… He cut in no buts go now. I hid to his words, i went upstairs, had my bath, put on my best of clothes then came back downstairs.

As my husband cut the site of my dazzling clothes he just couldn’t take his eyes of me. Baby you mesmerized me, you put me in a frenzy mood, baby you make me go gaga. wow am the most lucky husband to marry this beautiful woman. You always make me see you in other woman, I don’t know what charm you gave to me that make me see only you and you alone. Baby give me more of your beauty and I will stick with you forever, as Solomon says stay me with flagons baby comfort me with your sweet apples for I am sick of love. I blushed before starting my own Baby that’s why I called you my crown the one that brightens my day with his lovely words, the one that make me feel as if I am in heaven, the only man that his words alone make me high in the spirit. The handsome man that I have never seen the king of my heart and the key to my secret Chambers, the king of my palace, I call you my joy giver, my heartbeat, my everything, I love you I said to him. I love you too he replied.

We hugged and kissed each other, he wanted to go out of limit when I softly whispered into his right ear. Baby don’t forget our outing today. Oh yah he said while removing his hands from my waist I was just staring at him as he was busy looking right and left. Can we go now he said. Yes we can I replied with a smile.

We first went to the biggest restaurant In town, after there we went to the cinema, then went to butick where I bought lots of stuffs for myself and my husband did the same for himself. We went to the supermarket after that and did some shopping there too. I was very exhausted after the shopping when I went back home. My husband made it fun, it took my sorrows away and nearly quench the thought of not having children. My husband is the best husband I have never seen. I could not even imagine losing himself because of my past. All I have to do is to make sure my secret is very safe, I won’t tell him anything that what I have to do. This secret must be safe with me, even if it is wrong, I don’t want my marriage to fall apart. If it is my secret that will cause it to fall I will make sure it remains under the carpet. By the way it was when I was in Lagos I did it, now I have relocated to Port Harcourt and even changed from my old ways nothing can go wrong can it?


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