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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 3


“My son what are you doing, why didn’t you go to work today, wait you are doing woman work why she said”.

“mama don’t be so old a man is suppose to help his wife when his wife is in a depress state” my husband defend me with his words. Mama welcome I went to greet but she hit me with her hand bag, I don’t allow man like you to touch my hand bag she utter with her usual abusive words. Mama please don’t be harsh to my wife she is not the cause of our predicaments is just that God want to test me wether am a good husband and I will tell him am a good husband. While my husband was still talking a lady dressed in a type of village cloth walked in. She Interrupted her son. Now my son this is your wife to be wether you like it or not I married her for you and their is nothing you can do about it. The shock was so much I was lost in my own thoughts while my husband groan in his spirit the anger in his eyes was as the anger of a lion. Mama I don’t know were you get this thing from and please Mama I love my wife and if that is your problem then stop coming to my house allow us to leave in peace please. But it seemed as if Mama came to stay looking at her face. My son see I came to stay alongside with your new wife who will give me lots of grand children. I don’t care to know what this is all about but that man you called your wife that stick you are praising will have to leave this house.
She is not going anywhere, she is my legally wedded wife.

While they were still arguing, what I was saying in my heart is Lord please save my marriage. Am not going anywhere you must marry the woman I brought to your house she said graping a seat. Mama am not taking this rubbish from you my husband said in anger. The tension was so much, honey is okay I have something to say as I was about to reveal it there and then to make sure everything ends there, when my friend came in. What is happening here? she asked looking at my sorrowful eyes before continuing. Wait you people make my sister to cry again because she did not give you all any child what type of people are you she went and dragged me. Let’s go she said. I followed her to her house putting on only my night gown. tears was running down my eyes as we reach Grace’s house, although her house was not too far from mine.

My friend stop crying everything will be alright when your season comes it will definitely show forth I believe it she said cleaning my tears with her hands.
Why will I stop crying, God assured me through a man of God that I will have my own baby after lots of prayers were rendered to him(God) I know my past life was something else but I am not that Linda of yesterday, I am a changed woman, I am not that harlot, that that w—e of yesterdays. I did those things because I was subjected to it by my uncle after the death of my parents when i went to live with him. My uncle defiled me when I was 18 years old. He came into my room while I was sleeping and forces himself on me. From there on words I couldn’t stay without sex it became my harbit. My friends introduced me to the game of prostitution. Which I then took as my food.

I did lots of abortion, uncountable for that matter. First the doctor assured me that nothing will happen to my womb. At my normal street things I came in contact with this pastor that preached to me from there I repented even started going to church. I was walking on the road when a car pack right beside me. When I looked c it was the man I met at the shopping mall the other day. He came down from his car and engaged me in a chat. We chatted for a while before exchanging numbers with him. This went on for a while before it then led to marriage but I didn’t tell Kingsley of my story because I felt it was in the pass. Please keep it to yourself, you are the first I am telling this to as you are my best friend
Hmmm I will do it trust me. your story is so touching God will judge that uncle of yours. But wait how did you want to get back home now while your…….. is at home.
I don’t know….. I said
While I and grace were still discussing I heard a knock on the door.
Who is that? grace said before going to open the door. Inside me I know it must be Kingsley. My guess was proven right when Kingsley Walk through the entrance into the house looking at me with sorrow in his eyes, he knelt before me. Am sorry my wife can we go back home. Nooo is not your fault I said while making him to stand up.

Please can we go back home I have sent my mom and her so called woman she brought to as my wife away back to the village. He turned to grace, thanks for what you did your actions cooled down the atmosphere in the house. No probs she replied. Okay i agreed and followed him wishing my friend bye. God will be your keeper and he will not allowed you to pack out of your husband’s house Grace utter those prayer and I answered Amen to it.
While on our way going my husband asked me if what I was about to say before Grace Interupted me. But I replied “it was nothing you know when you get emotional like this anything can come out of your mouth” he didn’t asked further rather he held my hands while driving and kissed it. I love you more than any woman and I will be with you through thick and thin I promise my conscience blamed me badly for lying to my husband all this years. But I did that to save my marriage from collapsing. God help me to take the right steps.

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