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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 2


It was around 7 pm in the night, I was all alone in my dark room reminiscing on my bad behaviors in the past. The times I will sleep with a man’s wife on his own matrimonial bed and still shout for the man’s wife for not satisfying her husband on bed causing the man to seek for other girls outside.the days prostitution was my breakfast. The days I could not stay without having sex with 5 men. The days I burn cigarette as if I was drinking water. The days abortion was my dinner, I did abortion 10times in 5 months but now I have gaving my life to Christ and changed from all those bad ways why am I still like this. I was still reminiscencing on it with tears rolling down my eyes when my husband walked into the room and switched on the lights. Honey you have started crying againooo he said but this time he did not know the reason why my heart beat fast, he did not know the reason why his sunlight is sad bringing in sad rains. Why won’t I be sad I am a childless mother I said to him pretentiously. I can hear his heart panting heavily, though he will not show it openly but I know he must be bleeding inwardly. How many years of staying together as husband and wife without a child. He didn’t utter a word rather he went into the bathroom, took his bath, put on his night cloths and came and lie by myside. Knowing fully well of my mistake I didn’t disturb him, I also wanted to wake him up to tell him about my rugged life but I could not mutter the courage to do so.
My heart was filled with sorrows. A heart that even the heavy rain In the raining season cannot calm heat if it beat my heart. My conscience beat me so heavily I left the room. I have been leaving a life of lies since I entered my marriage, I have hidden many things from my husband just to save my marriage is it right to hide this straight fact of not being able to born because of my wayward life in the past this are the words my heart was able to provide. While in the parlour soliloquizing to myself I felt a soft touch behind me as if an angel came to tell me something. My love you are not alone in this battle of childlessness am with you and will always be with you. I turned just to see my husband with sorrows in his eyes. Your burden is my burden and your endless pains is my pains. Your wounded heart has wounded my already wounded heart. Remember at the alter I said to you for better and for worst till death do us apart I will be there for you my wife. Those words from my husband gave me courage. His words was the blood that flowed through my bones healing my disease. Let’s go inside my husband said puting his angelic hands cross my shoulder as we walked up stairs to our room.
The next day my husband told me he took excuse from his boss because of my condition. He will be staying with me through out the whole day. Wow I was very happy my husband gets to keep me company through out the whole day. I sharply went and arrange the house with a sweet melodious songs Flowing from my vocals through my mouth. The song was so loud my husband came downstairs just staring at me at I was busy cleaning the house. I felt sooner was behind me I turned just to see him standing right in front of me. Sorry honey I hope you had a nice sleep I said looking at him. How will I have a nice sleep when my wife is busy singing out loud he replied with a smile.
“am so sorry honey it was just I was so happy hearing you will stay with me through out today”
“hmmm is that so, now do quick I will help you clean the kitchen so that we can go to do some shopping”.
“honey no you don’t suppose to do the house chores. I don’t want to take advantage of your kindness”.
I insist so he said and took another toil from the dining table, he was cleaning the parlor before going to the kitchen when an old woman with a loads of bags walked in. Mama my husband said. I turned to see my mothers in-law looking very angry probably because she saw her son cleaning the house. Oh my God I don enter this woman’s mouth today so I said in my mind before proceeding to great her.


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