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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 13 [Completed]

When I regained consciousness, I saw myself on a bed with a bandage on my breast, were am I? I asked to no one in particular, right there I saw people in a white clothes coming towards me, at first I thought it was an angel, I saw stethoscope around their neck that was when I knew it was doctors, they were two that walked inside my ward. it was only God that saved your life and your baby’s own the first Doctor uttered. my baby wait am I pregnant? I asked. yes you are, you are 2weeks pregnant the second doctor said. I wanted to jump up when they held me down. don’t Madam you will risk your child’s life if you do it the first Doctor said. I calmed down, to me I couldn’t believe it I can be pregnant Jesus thank you I said in my mind.

My husband walked into the ward. how is my wife doing? he asked, she is doing okay. I called out to him which he did respond. hony guess what? i said. what should I guess? or should I guess you could have died but God saved you, tell me he insisted. but to keep him in suspense I asked again guess what honey?. what? he asked eger to know. I am pregnant I said. He shouted, the doctors have to calm him down. sir their are sick people in this hospital please keep calm the first Doctors said. sir for good 25 years we have not heard a cry of a baby, we have been patient but now my story have change somebody can now call me a father my husband said. the doctors could not hold him he was so excited that he kissed my a thousand times. he immediately called his mother to tell her the Good news. mama I told you God’s time is the best, he put it on a loud speaker for me to hear her mother speak, his mother shouted please my son now I believe God’s time is the best I will even tell my friends who are maltreating their daughters in-law to stop and wait for God’s time because that is the best.
after a week we heard that the emperor’s gang members that fled the scene were captured and we’re sentence to life imprisonment for their deeds.

9 months later I gave birth not to one but four-plet, two girls, two boys. the blessings of God really maketh riches and added no sorrow. The joy in the family of Kingsley my husband knew no bonds.
after the naming ceremony of our children, their names are, Chuwuemeka, to my first female children her name was Adaeze, Chima and Chiamaka was my last born child, my husband threw a party it was one in town. My husband’s colleagues in his working place came, people from my husband’s family and my family came, it was a grand celebration. All my childhood friends and my family friends came to the party. When the party kicked off they were all expecting me to come but I was still dressing up.
They were all expecting me to come down with my dazzling gown I was walking down the stairs all eyes were on me. My husband came close, my wife you are beautiful, he said. You are handsome my husband I replied. Thanks he said. We both walk to the center of the parlour.
Every one held there glass cup with wine in them I too held mine my husband too held his, cheers for everlasting love. They held their cups up high. My husband turn to me and kiss me.

And the curtains closed

The End

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