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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 12

Chapter 12

The next day the emperor was the first man to wake me up with a splash of water, he came with a gun which I think was well loaded. Please don’t kill me I pleaded, but he paid deaf ears to my pleads after removing the rope he used to tied me he then uttered. I won’t be the one to kill you it is your best friend that will kill you not me. He dragged me outside, when I reached outside forcefully I saw my best friend seating on the bench with a gun waiting for me. Here she is the emperor said.

She stood up and pointed the gun on me, Linda I have waited for this day to come and finally it came, i have waited to kill you so that I will take the man I love from you, I have once put poison in your food but you didn’t eat you escaped death anytime it came but now you won’t she said. I giggled grace I will still escape it now. I won’t let you escape it I won’t she said angrily. I will definitely escape it today I said with boldness. who gave you that boldness to speak like this even at the face of death? the emperor asked. It is my husband that gave me the boldness, he will definitely come to save his wife, he loved me so much he can’t stay a day or two without me I replied. With anger written all over Grace’s face when I uttered those words to her hearing she cracked her gun about to fire, when a voice echo from the bush. Drop your weapons, it was a man’s voice.

I turned to see who echoed, to my greatest surprise it was my husband, he walked to were I was. honey I can’t stand to see them killing you he said. wow the drama has only begun, not the couple are complete the emperor said. how did you find me? Grace asked. I was suspecting you since, if you can betray your own friend you are capable of doing anything. now listen, you always make calls to one guy which I suspected it was the kidnappers, “make sure she never escape was the word that came out of your mouth yesterday” that was when I concluded that you are the mastermind behind everything said my husband. wait Kingsley so the romance yesterday was just a pretence Grace asked. yes it was just a pretence to make you feel loved so that you won’t suspect that I am suspecting you of such a crime, do you know anytime I bring the topic of her kidnapped you will brush it aside and Make me think she was just pretending to be kidnapped so that I won’t go after her, do you know? I have visited the DPO without you knowing it and told him about you, he said I should keep a close eye on you that’s why today I followed you as if I knew you were coming to my wife he turned to me, my wife since I received your call about you being kidnapped I never rested I make sure to find you he said.
wait did she call Kingsley Grace asked the emperor.
yes but I thought it was not necessary to tell you because before we could give say anything further I took the phone from her the emperor replied.
I thought it was an outsider that called Kingsley that his wife was kidnapped I never knew it was Linda and you didn’t inform me, I could have kill Linda long time ago she said.
Am sorry ma the emperor said.
sorry for yourself but never mind I know what to do she turned her attention to my husband, so you came to save her abi? you all will die here if I can’t have you nobody can I promise she said.
she was not even pregnant honey I said to my husband.
what and you lied all this while she said directing to Grace.
yes because I love you Grace replied.
indeed love can make one do stupid things my husband said lifting me up from the ground.
I can’t allow two of you to go like that Grace uttered in anger.
I know you have informed the police but before they will get here we must have killed both of you the emperor said.
the emperor pointed the gun towards my husband, Grace pointed her’s towards me.
count to three we do it together the emperor Said directing it to grace. they started counting,
one two…… my husband Interupted the count please don’t shoot he said. Grace diverted her pointed gun at my husband if I can’t get you nobody will, she shot at him but i took it for him, the bullet hit my breast so hard that I fell on the ground when she lifted again to shoot the emperor shot his gun at Grace.

Grace held her stomach were the bullet was fired to, you betrayed me she said. I don’t trust anybody including you he replied. she took her own gun if I go down you two will she said and s shot at the emperor’s forehead instantly the emperor died. Am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you forgive me Grace uttered before she died. The emperor’s men fled for there life’s . My husband carried me in his arms that was when the police men arrived. it is done my husband said taking me to his car. honey I love you I said to him then list consciousness.


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