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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 11

He walked out leaving me inside the dark room but I believe that my husband will Trace me to were ever I am. I waited for him but nothing was working out I waited till I slept off not knowing it.

The next day the emperor came and served me food. Untied my hands so that I can eat I said. Nope I won’t I will be the one to feed you darling, you will use this trick to escape I know it but you won’t even if I do it he said. That was exactly what I had in mind to do, how did he know my mind?,has he turned to a prophet over night? I asked. Let me feed you he said he then scup the food trying to put inside my mouth but i refused he tried i didn’t give in to his demands. Have this food he shouted with his bass voice which got me terrified to the extent I started eating without knowing it.

While he was feeding me, my unwanted guest walked in. Hi my best friend she said. Grace you never cease to amaze me, you took my husband from me wore my cloths and even my make-up stuffs I replied. Shut up your dirty mind, my husband received your call but I came to tell you that I will make sure to frustrate all his effort in finding you with this false baby in my womb as my weapon she said. Let me tell you my friend there is the law that says what you do to others it will surely be done to you too. Hmmm you have started this your holy sermon again abi, I tried explain some words but she just said “just shut up she says turned to the emperor, make sure you give this woman the worst treatment of her life I paid you for his. So you were paid for this emperor? okay I will double the amount let me go I said but what I received was a slap from my own best friend I cried bitterly.
Not because of the slap but because I never knew it will result to this my own friend betray me. I looked up to heaven “Lord please I beg you they have even tied my hands up this time Lord don’t allow my enemies to take the last laugh don’t allow them to ruin my marriage forever Lord save my marriage I pray amen this were my short prayer.

Immediately after I make the prayer the emperor walked in. Tomorrow by this time you are dead so start now and be counting your days on Earth he said and walked out leaving me in a perplexed state. I rather die escaping than stay here and die. I pretended to fall asleep, when the time was around 11 pm i woke up, i struggled and untie myself, after removing the rope I proceeded to get out of the uncompleted building. But people were assigned to make sure I never escape. So I went to the window, when I looked down it was high. What should I do? I asked myself. I pretended again, this time I did as if i was fainting just to get the attention of the people guarding me . They rushed in, what is happening? they both asked, when they drew close I used sand and dash into their face then use a block near by. to hit there head, when I make sure they lost consciousness I proceeded to fully escape the building. I was surprised no one was there I thought they went out to party because the emperor love to party. I was already out when I heard a voice. Linda where are you going to?, it is too dark out there and you may be the victim of the unwanted gun shot I will fire. When I turned back to look it was the emperor. why won’t you allow me go please let me go I pleaded. I won’t he said. with anger I asked Don’t you use to sleep?. Do demon sleep? do witchcraft sleep? evil doers do they sleep?. If I dear sleep the enemies will make jest of me. That’s why am the emperor I don’t give mine enemies any chance. Even my boys I don’t trust them did you understand? he asked. I nodded my head in response. Get inside and wait for your death he said. I obediently went inside without any further questions because he was ready to kill I know him very well, when he is paid to do something he will do it to the fullest.

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