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Save My Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 10

Chapter 10
My son will be a father yes said my mothers in-law.
Mom there is a mistake somewhere said my husband, I couldn’t say anything. Get insider pack your things and leave my son’s life you barren idiot said my mothers in-law. I was still standing there when a hand pushed me. “go and pack your bags” she repeated.

I went upstairs packed my bags then came back downstairs, don’t go honey my husband pleaded but I refused to listen I went out of the house with tears in my eyes. While going to the main road to stop a taxi although I did not have a brother in Port Harcourt but my mother’s friend stay in Port Harcourt that was the only place I need to go to. While I was going a car block the guys came down from the car with guns. If you move I will shoot get inside the car they said. I went inside blind folded taking to God knows where.

While I was there I was hearing some noise but I could not recognize there voice. They took the blind fold out of my eyes looking up and down I saw two people walking down to were I was seating. When I looked up to see to my greatest surprised I saw the emperor and Grace. What are you doing with him I asked. They laughed me to scorn. Then grace started; “you are a fool my friend, and I was wise, you over trust people that’s your problem, and you don’t use to hide your secret please try and keep your things to yourself if not this is what you will get in your next life, now hear the story you once told me about the emperor, So I went in search of the emperor he resides in Lagos, I told him everything and he agreed because he wants you too. We make the emperor my best friend she laughed and continued I told your husband everything about your life, I even lied that you are still dating your old guy to confirm it i told emperor emperor to call you that was when you foolishly went to him and transferred two hundred thousand naira to him, we were there watching you, you are a fool. Your mistake is to come to me to save your marriage. I loved your husband and I have to do anything to get him she concluded. You are very wicked my friend I said to grace. Shut up my friend the emperor said. You thought you will go out alive noooo you are a dead meat my friend and your husband is all mine she said. If my husband finds out you will be doomed I replied. Let me, she said laughing. You can’t stop nagging the emperor said pointing to me. Take her in, let me go to my honey for him to feed me grace said.

while they were taking me inside the other room in the building I cornily took the guys phone and place a call to my husband. hello who is this he answered. is me Linda your wife I have been kidnapped come and save me I cried out. were are you? he asked before I could say anything the emperor took the phone from me and hit me on my left cheeks. next time you will be shot on the head thank your God I still love you if not I would have done something else.

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