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Satisfying My Lady Doctor (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Satisfying My Lady Doctor

Satisfying My Lady Doctor

Satisfying My Lady Doctor
I am a fifty five year old man with a body of a twenty five year old. Not through exercise, going vegan or meditating – through some strange illness I developed on my way to Korea. To celebrate my retirement I had flown to Japan and was on my next leg of an Asian vacation when I took ill on the plane. I started to feel ill about an hour after take-off and by the time I got to Seoul I’d slumped into unconsciousness. The ambulance rushed me to hospital and there I lay in a coma for over a year.

As I lay there I was mysteriously shedding the years. Instead of wasting away like one might expect in those circumstances my boy was getting younger and firmer by the day. When I did come out of that deep sleep I was basically back to where I was at age twenty five, including a rock hard d**k.

Doctor Tan Kyung-Soon, who was in charge of the team that looked after me, said it was the most baffling and interesting case she had ever worked on. She said she couldn’t think of any other instance when this kind of physical renewal had taken place. The ageing process was her specialty and she ran a private research clinic in Seoul that I was invited to attend. In exchange for a small apartment and a monthly allowance I agreed to check into the clinic twice a week so that they could do blood tests, scans and stress tests.

After lying in a coma without s*x for over twelve months I was getting a big embarrassing boner every time I saw a woman. Dr. Tan noticed this of course and at one of my sessions she said, as part of her research into the effects of ageing, she would need to test my s*xual performance.

“Would you have any objection to having intercourse so we can do measurements and analyze your sperm count,” she asked.

“I said I was ready and willing,” and even though she was middle-aged and I was now a young stud, I wasn’t going to be picky.

However, she had a surprise for me.

“One of my nurses Minji says she is willing to accommodate you,” she said, and when she called the woman in I was bowled over. She was in her early twenties, slim like most Koreans of her age, and she had the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. We were introduced formally with little bows and then Dr, Tan lead us into an adjoining room where there was a bed.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to be an observer,” said the doctor, “I’ll have to take your blood pressure, measure your erection and I’m afraid you’ll have to wear a condom as we need to analyze your sperm.

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