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Sad Love Story – Episode 13

Falling unto the chair beside Faridah’s sickbed with ragged breathing, I tried to keep myself calm and I managed to do so until Faridah gasped again. Faridah was attacked by the same hired killers too in her apartment and they had caused severe damage to her body even though they didn’t kill her.

“Oluwatimileyin” Faridah called out to me timidly as water drips fall from the tube, entering into her body.

“Yes darling, I’m right here.” I answered

She winced slightly before she spoke. “I am sorry for all I’ve caused you. I- I…….. Am deeply sorry. I’m sorry about mom’s death and your daughter’s death.” She burst into tears.

“What are you talking about Faridah? You did not cause me anything. I still love you darling.” I said while Faridah stared at me like she just met me for the first time.

“Come closer.” She said as she pointed at the space beside her bed for me to sit.

“You’ll be fine darling. The doctor assured me that you’ll be fine” I said trying to lighten up the sad situation.

Faridah smiled faintly and said “I want you to move on Timileyin. I can’t make it out of here. My spirit is weak and I can feel it leaving me already. I really love you and I must admit that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I want you to share the love you have for me with your best friend Ayokanmi. She really loves you, and you two will make a nice couple. Timileyin, start your life all over again, somewhere else with someone new.”
I looked at her in disbelief while tears dropped from my eyes. I wondered why she made mentioned of my best friend, Ayokanmi.
“Wait, are you kidding me? Faridah no…. No, you are not going anywhere, you will make it out of here. Noooo…..” I said as I wrapped my arms around her. She was breathing heavily and her facial expression said it all, like she wanted it to end.

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“Doctor Ayokanmi will surely make a good wife for you, trust me Timmy.”

“No- no- no….. Faridah, you’re my complete part. You will be the mother of my kids. I made promises to you and I still love you. I will always love you Faridah, even in your worst times.” I said.

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Faridah lets out a smile and held my hand tightly as I talk then she closed her eyes.

“Faridah? Faridah? Faridah? Can you hear me?” I shouted while I released my hands and shook her roughly. There was no response. I rammed against the ward’s door and called out to the doctor to come and attend to Faridah.

“Faridah? Faridah? Faridah? Can you hear me?” She laid stiff as her body spread out on the bed. I picked her body up and placed it on my laps and shook her roughly yet she didn’t answer me. The nurses came in too. The doctor whipped out his phone and called for an ambulance.

“Hello ambulance…. I have a critical case of an unconscious patient here…. Yes, she was attacked and she sustained lots of injuries…. Signs of heartbeat? Wait a minute.”

I pressed my ears on her chest and heard a slow and weak heartbeat. “Yes, her heart is beating but very slowly and weakly.” I told the doctor.

“Okay, got it.” He said.
After about forty five minutes, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics placed her on a stretcher and transported her to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where Ayokanmi works.

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I stood in the hospital passage pacing up and down. After about one hour, Ayokanmi came out of the ward.

“How far?”
“What happened?”
How is she?” I bombarded Ayokanmi with questions as soon as she got to me.

“You have to be a man Timmy in these trying times…. Uhmm, we tried our best to save your fiancee but unfortunately, we lost her.”

“You lost who?” I shouted collapsing on the floor. Hot tears ran down my cheeks. I felt something struck me but I don’t know what it was. It tore me apart. I stood up and ran to where Faridah was laid.

“Please cover the body.” Ayokanmi said to a nurse.

“No, that’s not a body….. That’s my Faridah, that’s my wife, don’t cover her…” I shouted on top of my voice with tears still pouring out of my eyes. I tried to wrestle with the nurse to stop her from covering Faridah’s dead body but which i passed out from stress. I regained consciousness some hours later. Ayokanmi had taken me to my house and stayed with me till I fully recovered.

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