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Sacrifice Of Love – Season 1 – Episode 4

Richard sat with his mum at the living room alongside with Jordan.
“So how was Canada?” Mrs Marsha asked.
“It was fine and fun.” Richard replied.
“I hope Jordan took good care of you?” She asked and they laughed.
“Of course he did, mum you know Jordan is the only person i truly trust.” Richard said.
“Wow am glad to hear that.” Mrs Marsha said.
“Thanks boss and i promise to always be there for you.” Jordan said.
“It okay, please call Caleb, i Need to ask him something.” Richard said
“Okay boss.” Jordan replied and dialled Caleb’s number, it rang and he handed over the phone to Richard.
“Sup bro?” Caleb asked from the other side of the phone.
“Am cool bro, can we hang out like this evening?” Richard requested.
” I can come over to the house if you want.” Caleb said
“Ohh that will be cool, that reminds me, how about the person i asked you to look for that will work as an assistant manager in the company?” He asked
“Ohh yeah, i Have gotten the person already, if you want i can call her and we will both come over tomorrow the house.” Caleb said.
“Is even a girl?! That’s a very brainllant idea.” He said.
“Ok then, will be there in a jiffy.” Caleb said.
“Okay bye.” He said and end the call.
“Boss i wanted to say something i hope you won’t be offended?” Jordan asked
“No, i won’t and why will i be?” He asked.
“Maybe what am about to say might upset you.” Jordan said.
“Come on Jordan, u can’t be angry with you ok?! Just say what you have to say, am all ears.” He said.
“Ok, actually it about what barista Daniel said and also your consin Caleb.” Jordan said.
“And what about them?” He asked.
“Boss, when Barista Daniel read the part of the will that says (Nobody should drag anything with my son) your consin and his father’s expression changed, if you noticed when barista Daniel finished reading the will, they were not with theirselves.” Jordan said.
“So what are you trying to say?” He asked.
“What am trying to say is that you should becareful of Caleb and his father.” Jordan said.
“Listen Jordan, Caleb is my consin, my only consin at that and his father is my uncle so i Don’t they have bad intention towards me and concerning their expression that day, i Think they were just surprised.” Richard said.
“Exactly, you see Jordan, Caleb and Richard grew up together and Mr Benjamin has be good to us especially after the death of my husband so please take off that bad expression from you ok? They are good people and the only family we have.” Mrs Marsha said
“Okay, i guess it just my imagination.” Jordan said….. Just then Richard female friends came in, they were all looking hot and sexy.
“See who we have here.” Richard said smiling.
“The boss himself.” Pat said.
“The only prince charming in this country.” Carla added
“You know we love you right?” Olivia asked.
“The hottest dude in the whole of this England, cuter than prince Albert.” Silvia also said.
“The only young man that has blue eyes that sparks even at night, the man every woman dream of.” Dina said romantically. Richard covered his face with his hand because he was shy.
“You girls are flattering me, i swear am blushing.” He said shyly
“He is blushing for us, please blush.” Dina said and they all laughed.
“Son, i Will be in my room.” Mrs Marsha said standing up.
“Alright mum.” Richard replied while his mum left.
“So tell me, what do i offer you girls?” He asked still shy.
“Anything.” They all said in union.
“Okay, please Jordan help us with a bottle of wine and glasses and also tell Amelia to prepare roasted chicken for us.” He said.
“Ok boss.” Jordan replied and left while Richard turned to the girls.
Meanwhile, Betty was playing video game at the living room when her phone start ringing, she angrily took her phone and starred at the screen (CALEB BENJAMIN) was boldly written on it. (“What the hell does he want from me?”) She thought and picked the call.
“Yes what?” She asked
“Is that a way of saying good evening?” Caleb asked from the other side of the phone.
“Oh please Caleb don’t start, just tell me why you call!” She half yelled.
“I know you are mannerless, anyway, i call You to tell you that my consin wants to meet you in person, i have told him about you so get dressed am coming to pick you.” He said.
“Is that all?” She asked
“Yes, i Will be there in 30 minutes time.” He said.
“Whatever!” She replied.
“fvck you there!” He said and end the call.
(“Why do i suddenly hate Caleb? My spirit didn’t accept this stuff of killing his consin, why do he wants his own consin dead? Should i go or not? I don’t even know this Richard of a guy, anyway let me go and see this dude they are talking about.”) She thought aloud but didn’t know it was loud.
“Who wants who dead?” Mrs Antonia asked as she walked fully into the living room.
“Mum, what are you talking about?” She asked standing up from the floor.
“Betty, i over heard you talking about killing someone, who is that?” Her mum asked.
“Mum please i was just imagining something.” She said and start walking away.
“Betty, i Hope you haven’t start following bad gangs again?” Her mum asked.
“Mum, i Don’t know what you are talking about.” She said and walked into her room.
“Alright oh continue.” Her mum said and sat down on the couch.
30 minutes later, Caleb tested Betty a message saying he was already at their gate. Betty came out of her room looking beautiful as always and innocent, she wore pink gown that reached her knee, white high heels, white small handbag and pink lips glossy making it to match. She brushed her blonde hair straight which makes her look more beautiful, her mum was surprised to see her dressed that way because she knows her daughter will never dressed like a girl, she always dressed like a man.
“Betty, where are you going dressed like this?” She asked.
“Going on a date.” Betty replied and smiled.
“Hmm, ok but don’t cause trouble there please.” Her mum said
“Mum! Are you in any way calling me a trouble maker?” She asked frowning her face.
“Betty, i know you very well, you are my daughter and i know what you are capable of doing.” Her mum said.
“Anyway, i won’t cause any problem.” Betty Said.
“Alright, be a good girl and come back home an time.” Her mum said.
“I will.” Betty replied and left.
Betty walked straight to Caleb’s car, he was surprised when he saw her, she opened the front door and entered.
“Let’s go.” She said but Caleb was just looking at her like he saw a ghost.
“Why are you looking at me like that or are you now deaf?” She asked.
“I guess so, you look so beautiful i must confess, hope you are not going there to seduce my consin?” Caleb asked.
“Which consin? It’s the one you want dead or another one?” She asked.
“Meaning what?” Caleb asked too.
“Please let’s go before i changed my mind.” She said.
“Did i just hear you say before you change your mind?” Caleb asked.
“Are we going or you want me to get down from this car of yours?!” Betty said already getting angry and her voice was changing. Caleb starred at her without saying anything he start the car and drove off.
An hour and 45 minutes later, they got to Richard’s house, Caleb drove into the compound and they pulled out, they went inside the living room, they met Richard and his female friends eating chicken and drinking wine.
“Here comes my one and only consin.” Richard said standing up from the couch and hugged Caleb.
(“See how freely this dude is to Caleb, if only he knows that Caleb wants him dead he would stay far away from him.”) Betty thought within herself as her eyes cought with Richard’s eyes and they both smiled.

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