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Rush Hour Crush – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]

Rush hour Crush

Rush hour Crush

It was not the first time I had seen him on the bus but something about him intrigued me today. I was not sure what it was but I could not take my eyes off him. The bus was already full, I knew he would be standing and it would not his first time. I was lucky to be sitting myself. I watched him squeeze past other people as he made his way through the bus. I silently prayed he would stand beside me. My prayers were almost answered but he stopped just in front of me. Maybe, just maybe he would see me. Shut up, silly girl ! I looked away. What was the point of him seeing me? A fine guy like him probably had a thousand girls on his mind.
The bus jerked forward and we moved. Maybe he was out of my league but he was not out of my sight; there was no harm in looking. I curved my neck slightly and snuck a look at him. Oh gosh!
He caught me! His eyes had pierced into mine almost as if he just scanned my mind. And it could have been my mind playing games on me but I could have sworn I saw him smile. Maybe I should check again. This time I kept my neck straight, only my eyes would be involved in the looksee. I turned my eyes as far as they would go and… dang! He was busy pushing buttons on his phone.
Well, that was fun while it lasted. I brought out my phone, I had several episodes of Suits to watch anyway.
“Stadium wa o”
My brain heard it and snapped to work. The woman beside me was alighting at the next bus stop, this was my chance.
I leaned forward and tapped him, he looked at me and I pointed at the seat beside me. It was not his first time on the bus, he knew what that meant. He nodded and moved closer, positioning himself for the takeover. I smiled, I should have known I was going to have a very lucky day when I woke up before my sister – for the first time in years and got to eat the last two sachets of noodles. Last set of Noodles to having a very handsome dude sit beside me in the bus; at this rate, my luck could win the lottery if I was brave enough to buy a ticket.
The busstopped, the woman stood up and I expertly used my legs to block any other person from taking the seat.
“Thank you.” He said as he took the seat.
“You’re welcome.” I replied in the sweetest possible version of my voice.
Oh, why did he have to have such a lovely voice? I could feel the heat in my cheeks. And despite my dark skin I had a bad feeling my cheeks had turned pink. It was impossible but still I felt embarrassed.

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