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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 9


“Why? “I asked.

“What have you found out? ”

“You tell me everything. I think he deserves to know the truth. I found this letter at Pathankot in her room, she had hidden it or may lost it. But I want you to tell me everything. ”

“Yes I was in love and I got married to the most beautiful maiden in Pathankot. ”

“But I thought you didn’t know the name of the village that’s why you called it Pathankot. ”

“I wrote Chitruli to mislead my father. He would go to any extend to make sure that i was separarated from my love. He won’t have hesitated to take her life. Whatever I did was to protect her. I left with the hope that I will talk and reason with my father but he didn’t listen to me. I tried going back but it was impossible. I swear I never knew she was pregnant til Divya went there to talk to her and ask her to come to Rajasthan with her to be her royal personal advisor. There she saw a little boy and suspected that he is my son. As a good wife with a mother’s heart she asked me to go back and take her as my first wife. We went there, Vidyut was at school and she was alone. We found her in her worst state. She was sick,she had lost her mind. We forcibly took her to the hospital and there we found out that she was slowly losing her right state of mind meaning that at some time and point she would hurt anyone including her son. I had to protect my son from her. Somehow she came to know about her condition and I don’t know what came into her mind that she took that step. It was so sad watching my son cry like that. I took him in but he has never been able accept me as his father. He thinks I am the reason his mother committed suicide. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the reason his mother took her life. I love him so much to tell him that his mother was losing her mind not because I was the reason but because it was just a disease that came. I didn’t kill her, “he wept.

“Why don’t you tell him? ”

“He really loved his mother . If he finds out the truth he will be broken Anami. ”

I moisten my lips. “But still he has to know the truth about what happened to his mother. Do you realize that your kingdom will be burnt down for ashes if he doesn’t take his position as the prince. What is Rajasthan’s future without a king? ”

“He has vowed to destroy his father so shall it be. ”

“Father I don’t understand why he hates you. Did you really put him through hell like he say. ”

“Maybe I did without realizing. I was raised up by an orthodox father, I tried so much to change that attitude and mentality. I agree that I didn’t like the girl of his choice because he was already betrothed to you. I wanted him to get married to the girl of my choice. I had thought he would let her go the moment I took his right as a prince but I had forgotten that a young person in love is like a mad person. He is my son and he is stubborn just like me but I was not that brave like him to stand by my love. He showed ne what a real man can do for love, I finally gave in to him and allowed him to date and marry any girl he wants. It’s unfortunate that the girl fell in love with the other brother and left him. He cursed me and said that I wanted that to happen. Why would I wish bad for my son Anami? There’s nothing I can do to make him my son again. He hates me and his family so much. ”

“Don’t worry I know what to do. I believe I came here with a reason and not just to get married to your son. As his wife to be I will perform my duty. ”

“What are you going to do? ”

I smiled at her. “I know how to handle him. By tomorrow morning your son will dine with the rest of the family that’s my promise to you. ”

“I have an interesting story to share with you, “I said looking at him.

“What? ”

I took out my phone and played the voice recording. After listening to it he had nothing but say. All he could do was shaking his head and cry.

“I have revealed everything to you but you do with the truth is your call Vidyut. This is the truth behind your mother’s death. Your father whom you have been insulting for years is innocent, that mother you have been disrespecting is innocent. She tolerated everything you said and did to her without saying a word. You never appreciated her love, she loves you more than her own flesh and blood. Where have you seen a step mother love her step kids like she loves and cherish you huh? Ponder over what I asked you and you will find all the answers you need, “I said coldly and left him to think things through. I know I was harsh and he deserves it. Not everything he says and thinks is the truth. I have solved the problem what he does is up to him but I won’t let him take the wrong step again. He has to come back home, he has been a stranger for quite a long time.

They kept looking up the stairs for him but he didn’t show up. Father sighed and glanced at me.

“It looks like your plan didn’t work out dear but it’s okay, “he plastered a smile. He was hurt and trying to hide his pain. I nodded and looked up the stairs. Come on Vidyut make me proud. I have promised your parents that you will have breakfast with the whole family today so you have to come.

“Let’s eat, “he ordered. Everyone set their eyes on the plates except me. I couldn’t digest the fact that I didn’t make an impact in his heart. Doesn’t he believe it, doesn’t he trust me?

“Anami, why aren’t you eating? “mom asked me.

“I’m eating, “I forced a smile and got hold of my spoon. I once again looked up.

“He is never going to come, “Akash whispered in my ear making me want to cry.

“I know, “I said softly.

“Don’t you guys know it’s wrong to eat when the family is not complete? ”

We all looked up to see him at the stair case looking at us. His mom and dad shockingly stood up not believing their eyes. It wasn’t him or was him?

“Vidyut? “they chocked up as they scanned him out. He was wearing a violet and white royal shewarni with a crown on his head. He was smoking hot. I have seen his handsome side but not this side. This time he had a smile on his face, no frown and angry eyes. Everyone technically stopped whatever they were doing even the royal servants. We were all shocked to see him. Well not me I was mostly shocked by his beauty. This guy is the embodiment of male beauty. Is he even human or is he a vampire? Or a Greek God? No! No he is more than that. His shoulders are so broad and his physique is worth dying for!

“Anami what are you doing? ”

That question snapped me out of my thoughts only to wake up to find myself holding his shoulders and looking like a fool. I turned around to see everyone staring at me weirdly.

“Ummm ____I was trying to check whether he is real or it’s his ghost, “I said nervously rubbing my neck.

“Even that’s what we want to know, “Amit said.

“Come guys if I was a ghost you won’t have been able to see me or touch me. I would have freaked out all of you. I’m really here and please don’t embarrass me by looking at me like that because it wasn’t easy for me to come down here wearing this. ”

We all looked at each other.

“I don’t think taking a bath, dressing up would take you ages to come and eat your breakfast,”I said with a smile. “The right words should be apologizing isn’t an easy thing, “I whispered in his ear and he smirked.

“Precisely, “he replied back making me crack up with laughter.

“Son, come let’s have breakfast, “the king said with a nervous smile.

“Okay. ”

“I can’t do it, “I complained putting down the paint brush.

“What’s this? An ant? No it can’t be an ant, it’s too ugly and small to be an ant, “he said examining the painting. “As a painting expert I would give this million zeros. ”

“Ha. Ha. Ha very funny, “I rolled my eyes. “Now tell me when are you going to address him as da? ”

“Anami, do you think it’s that easy. After so many years without addressing him as dad do you frankly it will be easy . ”

“Wow! A painting expert and an artist who knows almost everything can’t even utter a single dad. A word that a two year old can say.

“It’s not funny Anami. ”

“Sorry but you have to keep trying. Come practice. ”

“Now? ”

“No after you have turned into an ancestor. Of course now Vidyut. Come on practice, you have to address him as dad tomorrow. No more as address him as my king and my lord. ”

“Okay I will practice, “he smiled adjusting himself. I kept looking at him to begin. “Why are you looking at me? ”

“For you to start practicing. ”

“Okay, “he nodded. “D….. d…. d… ”

“Okay stop. How long does it take to say the word dad? D. A. D, dad. Come say it. ”

He narrowed his eyes at me.

“What? ”

“You think this is funny. ”

“No, no, “I paused. “Yes! ”

He urged closer. “If I get my hands on you Anami you will be dead! ”

“I’m bursted, “I turned around and started to run away. ”

“Oh no you don’t!

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