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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 7


Writer’s POV

“My prince, “she called and he slowly turned around. She gasped and opened her eyes wide as their eyes met. “No way, “she shook her head. “You___you are the prince I have been looking for? And you have been treating me like a fool knowing that I was seeking for you. ”

He snorted and put down his paint brush.

“Vidyut, you a prince! “she said not believing it.

He smirked at her. “Yes you caught me and I must say you really qualify to be a data detective. What do you do at school? Is is forensics? ”

“Vidyut, this is a serious manner and you are been sarcastic. Why didn’t you want me to know that you are the prince, that you are the first son of the king? ”

“What if I say I turned around to see who dared to address me as a prince when I am not, “he smiled and rubbed his chin.

She scoffed. “Only an idiot would believe that especially after confirming that you are truly the prince. The first prince and the son to the King loves arts be it anything that has art and you also love arts this can’t be a coincidence. The prince is angry with his family and can speak to the King anyhow because he is his father and I very well remember that you once spoke rudely to the King and an ordinary person can never dare to do that. If you don’t live in the palace then where do you live? ”

He scoffed then smiled. “Okay you caught me, you’re right. I am the prince of Rajasthan but you are wrong when you say I am part of this family because I am not. ”

“What do you mean? If you’re the prince the royal family is your own. ”

He shook his head with a smile on his face.

“Vidyut, you know very well that the whole of Rajasthan loves you and they want you back. You’re the true definition of a king. ”

“And did I ask them to rip off my rights? No I didn’t because it was not my doing. I may be the first son but I am not part of this family. ”

“That one sentence means a lot, it weight more meaning that just that Vidyut. If you say you’re not part of the royal family then it means you are not part of Rajasthan. People love you and they miss you so much. ”

“I didn’t distance myself from them I was made to stay away from them okay? ”

“Forget about Rajasthan, think about your family at least. Your dad, your mom and brothers. They love you, they’re trying so much to give you a hand but you don’t want to hold on. Why is that Vidyut? Why is it so hard for you to come out of your shell? ”

He chortled. “Wow! Now that’s a charming statement Anami. Family, “he sighed. “My family, erm _____since when are they my family huh? Don’t tell me now because it will tickle my funny bone. I really have no strength to laugh out hard. ”

“They love you okay. Your dad loves you. If I can see that love in his eyes why can’t you notice it Vidyut. I have seen the picture, how sweetly he was holding you on his laps and how lovingly he was looking at you. It’s the evidence that he loves you more than the others. ”

“I don’t know about that I guess he forgot to mention it to me, “he shrugged. “What I know is he never cared about me or my existed til he needed me. The King you’re praising now is a monster. I went through shit because of him. He portrait himself as the best king and family man but I know what kind of a person he is. ”

“Look I don’t know what really happened to both of you in the past but I will assure you that he loves you so much Vidyut. He might have not been a good dad but he does love you. ”

He scoffed and licked his lips. “You know its really annoying. I’m losing my cool, “he smiled.”What do you know about me? ”

“That you and I are betrothed to each other. Do you even know that? Even after knowing this you fell in love with another girl. What’s her name again? Maya. ”

“That shouldn’t bother you because you are in love with Amit, you should focus on him not me. Whether I regard you as my wife or not that’s none of your business. Regarding Maya, that’s none of your business either. ”

“How is that none of my business? You cheated on me. How could you deny the fact that you and I are suppose to be together? ”

“Look you want Amit and you should look at him. I didn’t cheat you, you’re cheating yourself here. You know everyone cheat, you, me and everybody else. Your heart is cheating right now and you’re allowing it which is so much fun. ”

“How do you know that? ”

“You can forget about what happened between us. It’s simple as eating nuts. ”

“Do you think forgetting about everything is so easy? ”

“Yes it is. If Maya can forget why can’t you? It’s not like we did anything special though. We never made love nor are you pregnant. ”

“Okay I have one question for you. All the little time we spent today haven’t you for once had any feelings towards me? ”

“Right now you should focus on Amit. He loves you and you love him. And one more thing don’t ever address me as the prince. I’m allergic to it okay. ”

She walked into Amir’s room without knocking, surprised and shocked he raised up his head to give her the attention she needed from him.

“Anami, what’s wrong? ”

“I know who the fourth person in that picture is. I know that it is Vidyut and he is actually the first son of the King, the rightful heir to the throne. My husband to be.”

The last statement become a shock to him. It hit him like a stone that he slowly stood up behind from his bed and walked over to her.

“What do you mean? ”

“Come on it’s nothing new, you know about it and I know about it now. Vidyut is the one I was betrothed to in the past. This whole reason I am here is to get married to him. ”

“Anami, I know that you are betrothed to him but does he want to be with you? That’s the main point. Does he love you to an extend of getting married to you? Anami, whether it’s me or Vidyut at the end you did get married to a prince right? ”

“No, it’s not the same thing. I won’t be getting married to the one I am suppose to get married to Amit and If I do get married to you just know that I won’t accept you. ”

“Do you love him? ”

She sighed. “No I don’t. ”

“Normally when I woman doesn’t want to get married to a man there could only be two reasons. One she loves somebody else who doesn’t even love her and two she is not sure of her feelings. I love you Anami and I truly want to be with you. ”

“Then why did you guys hide such a big matter from me? ”

“It’s not us, it’s him. He is the one who distanced himself from us not the other way round Anami. ”

“Why did your dad had to be harsh that he took away his right as the crown prince? ”

“Dad never liked Maya, he didn’t approve of her. He felt that she was not right for him. Vidyut did tell him that he would never fight with him because of a girl but my dad was so stubborn to understand this. And Vidyut is a carbon copy of his dad you see, even he is stubborn. This is what made them to fight with each other day and night. Vidyut initiated an intervention that he will stop having meals with us to avoid early quarrels and fight still it made more disputes between them. Due to all this we got to know why Vidyut is distant from his brothers and his mother. ”

“And what is that secret? ”

“That’s not my story to tell. He will tell you once he feels like it but I know him he would rather die than let out his pain by sharing it with anyone. Or maybe father can tell you but I doubt it because talking about it makes him sick. You see it’s a secret that’s so deadly. Vidyut is calm right now and if we talk about it he will remember everything and it will become messy. He is trying to forget and heal. ”

“I understand, “she smiled at him.





Vidyut’s POV

“Son, please you have to come back to me. I’m your father. ”

“Are you really that desperate that you can actually beg and say please to me? Wow that’s an accomplishment, “he smiled then frowned.”I have told you that I need time and space. ”

“Vidyut we have given you all the time you need to forgive us. ”

“I wasn’t talking to you my queen, “he said the word in a disgusting manner. “Don’t forgive that it is all because of you. Don’t make me forget what my mother taught me. ”

“Son, I have told you that whatever happened in the past is not your mother’s fault. ”

“She’s not my mother! And never will. To me she is nothing but a husband snatcher and the destroyer f my life. ”

“Vidyut! “dad raised his voice at me. “Don’t ever talk to her like that again. ”

“Or what! ”

He slapped me. Twenty four years of my life he never raised his voice at me or slapped me and just for this queen of his he slapped me. I don’t believe this. I gave her a deadly look.

“Just because of you he slapped me, “I scoffed and looked at him. “I will never return back to you. I hate you all! I hate what you did to me. I was just a boy back then now I am a grown up man just wait and watch how I set this so called kingdom to ashes. I know that you want an successor to the throne and all your wife’s sons can’t rule because they don’t have those qualities and the capabilities to be king. I am my mother’s son, soft hearted but ruthless when upset. You just wait and watch how I won’t come to your rescue just like you never came for me and my mother. This is my revenge, “I said and walked out. I dumped into the last person I wanted to see. Not in this state. Not when I am in pain and tears. I turned my face away and made an attempt to pass by her which wasn’t a good idea though. She blocked my path making me stare at her.

“I’m in my worst state now so please just step aside, “I pleaded.

“So am I, “she said coldly. “I heard everything and I think you are seriously rude. ”

“Then stop following me! I have no time for you okay. I hate you because you are an nuisance in my life. Just do me a favor and stay away from me, “I started to walk away but she blocked my path yet.

“I’m not done yet, “she said. “You hate me that’s cool, I am here to please you but to get married to you, “she pointed at me. What she said cracked my funny bone.

“Well too bad because I don’t like you let alone loving you. I won’t get married to you or any other girl for that matter. I hate women, my sexual feelings towards women are dead. ”

“I don’t care Vidyut. You have said what you wanted to say now listen to me, “she came closer. “I think you don’t want to reason with anyone. You think you are always right. Your father shouldn’t have slapped you he should have murdered you instead. ”

I shockingly looked at her.

“Yes he should. A son who can threaten his own father is not worthy of life. He should die instead. What you know is your side of the story there’s another piece which you know nothing about what you have completely shut up your ears. Vidyut, your father said that whatever happened in the past wasnt his fault or your mother’s. So just beat it and face the truth. ”

“I know everything! I know it all and I have seen it all. Do you even know what I had to go through just to be the prince of Rajasthan. Hell and I don’t think you know what that means. Have you lived in fear of your father and what he might do to you? I doubt it Anami. The man you’re defeating right now is not who you think he is, I went through so much pain just because of him. He ripped me off my rights just because I was in love with someone else and not the girl they chose for me. You know nothing and you still defend him? To prove what? That you are the best daughter in law he will ever get. ”

“No, I just want to help you settle with your family and forgive them. I will help you find the truth. ”

“I don’t need your help, “I turned to the other side and she blocked me again.

“Whether you like it or not, “she smiled at me.

“What is it that you want? ”

“To set you free and set off the burden on your shoulders. I know you won’t let me but I will go in by force. Maybe you haven’t heard but let me tell you that the girl you got betrothed to is a crazy girl who does whatever she wants and whatever she wants, she gets. She is as calm as a morning dew and angry as a storm when she is upset. I am not upset yet I will enter your life like a storm to then leave everything settled,”she raised herself on her toes and kissed me on the lips which shocked me. I tensed as she cupped my face and kissed my forehead. She smiled and walked away leaving me still stunned.

What is she made of?

Anami’s POV

“She is my life and my heart. The beautiful maiden my heart melted to and her name is Love, “I read the diary I found in the king’s room. “Chitruli gave me this special rose I will cherish forever. ”


“This must be the place where the king met Vidyut’s mother. That means I have to go there. In order to find out the truth I have to start where the story began, “I wore my garment and rushed out of the house.

“Where do you think you are going? “a voice asked the moment I stepped out of the house. I licked my lips as I turned around.

“To find the truth. ”

“I have told you to stay out of this, didn’t I? ”

“Yes you did. ”

“Then why aren’t you listening to me Anami. ”

“Because when I set my mind on something is hard for me to budge my mind of it. ”

“The king has chosen a thorn instead of a wife for me, “he shook his head.

“Vidyut are you done with your catch up chat? ”

“Come with me, “he took my hand.

“No! I’m not going back on my decision so let go of ______. ”

“Shhhhhh! “he came closer to me with his finger on my lips. “Shut up, “he carried me in bridal style and took me to his car. He helped me put on my seat belt and he drove away.

“Where are you taking me? “I asked.

“I’m abducting you because it’s the only way to make you stay off my life. You have pricked me enough. ”

“WHAT! How can you even think like that? Stop the car now or I will jump off. ”

He locked the car doors and smiled.

“Vidyut, they will start looking for me and you’re the last person they saw me with. ”

“Who? As far as I remember no one know you are with me and my car windows are black tinted no one saw that you are inside. So who will they suspect? No one. ”

Tears clouded in my eyes. “Can you really go to that level just to keep me away from reaching the truth? Vidyut can you really be this heartless? ”

“Yes I can, “he replied.

I sighed and slumped my back on the seat and closed my eyes. I can’t believe he could be like this. I can’t believe it.


“What is this place? “I asked him.

He smiled. “Your prison of course. ”

“Vidyut please don’t do this to me. ”

“Anami, stop thinking too much. I would never abduct you. You’re not that beautiful for me to abduct you, “he scoffed.

“So what are we doing there and what is this place. And whose house is this? ”

“Not Chitruli but Pathankot. He didn’t know the name of this village so he called it Chitruli so weird. You would have gone lost had I let you go alone. ”

“Thank you, “I smiled.

“Not welcome. ”

“Is this where you lived? ”

“Yes. ”

“Going in or not? ”

He looked into my eyes. He was scared, I saw the little boy under the bed hiding himself from the monsters around him in his eyes. All he needs is a hand to help him. I intertwined our hands and walked in with him

He looked around and smiled faintly.

“Still has her fragrance, “he said.

“She was beautiful, “I said looking at the photo on the wall. “You look a lot like her. ”

“That’s what people used to say. ”

I walked around the house trying to find clues.

“How did she die? ”

He looked up the ceiling and I traced his eyes.

“Oh my god! “I exclaimed looking at the rope hanging on the roof. “She committed suicide. ”

He shut his eyes and ran out of the house.

“Aaaaaaaaah! “he screamed.

“Vidyut control yourself. ”

“Leave me alone. I did tell you to not do this. This place haunt me because I saw my mother hanging down there lifeless Anami. ”

“If you don’t want this to hurt you til death you have to let go of the pain. Tell me what really happened so that I can help you. ”

“She committed suicide because of my father. He had left her with a promise that he will come back. First he lied to my mother that he is a common man, he didn’t tell her that he is a prince of Rajasthan, the crown prince. He fell in love with her, secretly got married to her. He left with a promise to come back to her but he never returned for her and me. Then one day she got sick that she scared me to death. My father’s departure left her in pain with no measures. To make matters worse the villagers made fun of her every hour of the day. I lived my life as a stigmatized child not knowing that I have royal blood running through my veins. One day she came, said some things to my mom and after that my mother did that. ”

“Who is she? ”

“Divya, the queen. ”

“So you don’t know what she told her? ”

He shook his head. “I can’t stay here. It makes me sick, “he walked away.

I walked back into the house and went into what seemed to be his room and searched the entire place but show nothing. I went to her room. I searched through the drawers still no clue.

“No one commit suicide without a reason . She must have written a letter or something, “I looked around. Accidentally my phone fell down, I knelt down to retrieve it andmy eyes fell on a white paper sheet under the bed. I retrieved it and unfolded it. No writing, I ran my fingers along the paper then picked up a charcoal on the drawers, sprinkled a little on it. That when the letters became visible. I quietly read the letters. I couldn’t believe it. I folded the letters and put them in my bag then walked out.

Vidyut’s POV

She walked out looking like she has seen a ghost.

“Are you okay? ”

She just stared at me and shook her head.

“Anami, what happened? ”

“Nothing, “she replied. “Let’s go back home everyone must be worried for us. We had long left home. ”

“Anami, you_________”

“Let’s go home! I’m tired okay. ”

“Okay, okay you don’t have to shout at me. Get in. ”

“Thank you. ”

The journey back home was awkwardly quiet that I thought one of us is mute. ”

Anami’s POV

I rushed over to the king’s study and I found him behind his desk working.

“Anami, what brings you in here dear? ”

“Why? “I asked.

“What are you talking about? ”

“Shivanya Singh Gill, “I replied. “Why? ”

He just stared at me shocked.

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