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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 5



I shoved him hard and gave him a tight slap. Who is he to kiss me whenever he wants to?

“How dare you! You have no right to do that, you servant! “I yelled at him. He looked at me with widened eyes, shocked. I know I shouldn’t have addressed him like that, l was so angry and feeling guilty for letting him kiss me when I love someone else.

He chuckled loudly confusing me.

“Yes, i’m a servant but not your servant do you understand? You know this is a problem for you rich brats you only respect someone looking at their social status. ”

“Don’t talk about respect because til date you have to shown me any sign of respect. You____”

“That’s because I think you don’t deserve it. Three guys and you entice yourself with them,why can’t you just choose the one your heart wants? From the three princes only one has to be the one. Introspect yourself, what is it that you want from love, a man not a boy and what is it that you want from a real relationship? “he sighed standing behind me.”But a girl like you who only look at the physical appearance won’t understand this simple concept, “he brushed my hair to my left side exposing my neck. I made an attempt to turn and look at him but he tightly held me in that fixed position. His nose run down my neck and I squeeze shut my eyes due to the way my body was reacting to his gentle touch.

“Where is the arrow pointed? Who is it pointing at? Akash? Vatsalya? Or Amit? Only one has to be the Mr. Right, “he gave me a earlobe kiss. I jumped up and sharply looked at him. He smiled at me.

“Did I make sense? ”

“Arrow? ”

“I know that you are stupid but I didn’t know you are foolish. Your heart has to make a choice and remember your choice now is going to affect your future, “he took out a mango from his pocket and put it on my hand.”Let say eating mango at night is healthy I don’t know how healthy, “he put his hands around my neck and massaged it.

“Ow! “I cried when I heard some cracking.

“Your stiff neck is healed. ”

“How did you know my_______”

“Don’t get me wrong, I heard you telling Amit about it. I will take your leave now, “he said and walked away.

“Ptttf, “I hissed. “What does he know about relationships? Has he ever fallen in love for him to advice me like that? “I looked at the mango and raised my hand to throw it. “No the mango is not at fault so I will eat it. ”


Vidyut’s POV

“I said I will not do it, “I said looking at the audience. I really don’t know how many times do I have to say this to them. I guess they enjoy listening to my denial speech.

“Vidyut, why can’t you do as you’re asked for once in your life? ”

“I have been saying this for the past seven years that I will not join the family business. I’m who I am. I’m not in love with the business world like you. I’m an artist and I am not interested in the business world and what happened yesterday was a good example that I don’t talk business. Why can’t you accept the fact that I am not like other people’s sons, I am me! If mom was alive she won’t have agreed with you and I will never forget that you are the reason she’s no more alive. I have been quiet but it doesn’t mean I have forgotten everything that happened. ”

“You think you are the perfect one right? If you had listened to your father for once in your life you won’t be miserable today. What does painting and singing give you Vidyut? How much do you make in a day huh? You went ahead and got yourself engaged to a girl and where is she right now? She left you. I had warned you to listen to me but you didn’t! ”

“Yessss! I agree I made a mistake of not listening to you and you will always keep reminding me of how ignorant I am but my mistakes are not sins unlike you. ”

“Son, whatever happened to your mother was unfortunate it shouldn’t have happened, “he said calmly. “All I want from you is to be a part of this family. I want you to come back home, I miss you dear. ”

I shook my head. “Never, I will not live in a house full of criminals, “I turned around to leave and I dumped into the last person I wanted to see. My step mom

“You’re so bitter Vidyut try eating sugar. ”

“Of course I will make sure i consume a full sugar pot because I just had to see your ugly and bitter face so early in the morning. ”

She just stared at me as I passed by her and walked out of the study room.

“Is it me or you who keeps following the other one? “a voice asked and I turned around to see who it is. Great it’s her. Why can’t she leave me alone? I agree I am the one who started everything but right now I am not in the mood to talk to her or anyone else.

“Answer me, “she smiled standing next to me.

“I kindly ask you to let me be for today. Why don’t you go be with Amit or anyone. Even better go get yourself eaten by a wild beast. ”

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I was trying to joke with you. ”

“Well too bad i’m not in the mood to joke about with you. ”

“Okay that’s it tell me what has happened to you. ”

“God! You’re so annoying, “I walked out on her.

Anami’s POV

Okay that hurts, all I wanted was to try be a friend and he just walked out on me. What has happened to him that he was in a bad mood today?

“Its nothing new anyway Anami don’t be disheartened. He is not worth your tears,”I said to myself wiping off the tears which were already rolling down my cheeks. “I don’t understand why it hurts. I don’t look at him like someone important who I can start my life with yet I’m drawn to him and I can’t control myself.”


Books. In this world I love reading novel so you know where I am. Yes the library, the king’s library searching for a particular novel. The Edge.

“It looks like there are no collections of Catherine Coutler here, “I mumbled to myself as I searched through the shelves. I went to the king’s desk to search for it but it was nowhere. I sighed and turned to leave but the photo on the desk caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at it. The King, queen, Amit, Akash, Vatsalya and who is he?

“I don’t know who is who but I am sure it’s the three brother then who is the fourth one and how come the king never mentioned him. ”

“If he didn’t tell you it means they don’t want you to know anything. ”

I looked at him and frowned.

“There are things you should know and those that are better off not said. ”

“I thought you weren’t talking to me anymore. ”

“I never said that. I just wanted to be left alone for a while. ”

“Really? You ignoring me and using harsh words on me. ”

“I just wanted to be left alone to think my things through. ”

“Whatever. ”

“So what do you want to do? Are you planning on giving me the silent treatment?”he smiled.”I don’t mind because my life is anyway as silent as a graveyard. ”

“Why is that? ”

He stared into my eyes. “Like I said something are better off left alone than tempered with. What were you doing here? ”

“Well some things are better left alone than tempered with, “I said with a smile on my face making him smile too.

“At least you’re learning something by being in my company. See you when you see me, “he winked at me and left the room.

“Crazy fellow, “I shook my head and looked at the picture again. “I guess I have to ask Amit. ”

“Amit, “I glanced at him.

“Yes tell me. ”

“I went to the library to find a particular novel, I couldn’t find it but I found something interesting and I can’t stop thinking about it. ”

“What is it? ”

“The photo in your dad’s library. Instead of three boys I saw four. Who is the fourth one? ”

He sharply raised his head and looked at me like he has seen a ghost.

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