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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 4



“This is the biggest lord Shiva’s temple

in Rajasthan and it’s very famous. People believe that when you offer prayers to the Lord here especially on Mahashivati all your prayers will be answered. Our family comes here to offer prayers on special events and occasions but I come here everyday because I believe that every hour is the best time to talk to God, “Amit said smiling at me.

“Prince Amit!!!! “five kids came running over to him. I know I don’t judge people by their appearance but this kids were so untidy and they were from a lower background.

“Hey kiddos! “he squated before them and hugged all of them. “I have told you never call address me with a title. To you I am not a prince but a friend as well as a brother, “he smiled. “So call me brother Amit or Ammy. ”

“Okay, okay you have been telling us this for quite a long time now. Our ears are already tired of listening the same thing from you,”one girl said making me chuckle and all attention came on me.

“Brother Amit who is she? Is she your sister? She’s so pretty! ”

He glanced at me then glanced back at the kids. “No she is not my sister. ”

“Who is she then? ”

“You guys don’t understand anything, “one girl said with a teasing smile on her face. “She’s can’t be his sister because she’s a pretty diamond from another village or city. She has come here for our brother Amit. Do you guys get it now? ”

“No Preeti tell us. ”

“Oohh! Do I have to explain even this to you?Never mind I am the intelligent one here right?”

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of love

He chooses everyone’s love

Everyone has a soul mate that Lord Shivs choose

That’s why everyone has to get married

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of love

He is the one who made marriage

A happy heavenly match

“Aha! Did you guys get it now? “Preeti asked smiling.

“Ohhhhh! So she is brother Amit’s lady love! ”

“Hmmmm, “I sighed and squated in front of Preeti. “You’re super intelligent my dear. Tell me something where did you learn how to sing? ”

She smiled. “From my mentor! ”

“Your mentor you never told me you have one before. ”

“Well the man is an artist and he has a beautiful voice just like a bird. His voice is so melodious. He just came to us after spotting us singing praises of Lord Shiva. He gathered us and taught us how to sing, “one boy said.

“Who is he! ”

They shrugged. “We don’t know his name . He didn’t tell us but yeah he gave us permission to call any name we want. We won’t have called him pig or dog. The name mentor was the best,”Preeti smiled widely.

“If you want to know how he is physically then I would say he is super handsome and as for his nature then I will say he is a kind hearted person Ms. ______, ”

“Oh I see, “I smiled. “How about starting with you telling me your names and I will tell you mine. The name I am familiar with right is Preeti the talkative angel, “I cupped her cheeks.

“I’m Shaurya, “the boy smiled.

“I’m Priyanka. ”

“Khushi. ”

“Arav. ”

“And lastly Presto, “I said. ‘Well my name is Raina and my Indian name is Anami. ”

“Why two names Ms. Anami? “Shaurya asked.

“Because my mom gave me a name as well as my grandma. ”

“Ohhhh! “they chroused.

“So where do you guys live. ”

“The orphanage, “Preeti replied.

“Orphanage? You mean you guys are orphans?”

“Yes and except for Amit sir no one really cares about us, “Khushi replied.

“And that’s why we love him and respect him so much. It’s only because of him that we looked at our lives in a different angle. ”

I glanced at Amit and smiled.

“Okay kids enough of chit chatting now. ”

“What have you brought for us today Mr. Amit. ”

“You have already met the special gift which is your new best friend Anami but of course I have a big present for all of you today. ”

“Yeeeeeyi! ”

Wow! I can’t believe that there can be someone as pure as Amit. If only all the guys were like him the world would have been better.

“Thank you so much Amit, “I said over to him.

“For what? ”

“For giving those kids so much love and hope. Thank you so much, “I smiled.

“It’s okay. What I am doing is just for humanity Raina. I hope you understand what I mean. ”

“Of course. ”

“And I also hope you enjoyed your day. ”

“Yes, it was a special day. I enjoyed myself a lot. So thank you once again. ”

“Hope we will do it again. ”

“Hope so too. ”

“Shall we go inside? ”

“Erm______you go on. I just want to view the night sight. You go on, i’m not feeling sleepy at all so you carry on. ”

“Okay, good night, “he held my hands and kissed my forehead.

“Good night, ” I smiled.

I waited for him to enter the house before heading to the secret garden. I just named it a secret garden because its secret.

I took a deep breath as the cool air brushed through my face.

You all I ever need

Baby you’re amazing

You’re my angel come and save

Ohhh! Your all I ever need

I looked around to find the owner of the voice.

“Where’s it coming from? “I asked myself.

you don’t understand how much you really mean to me

I need you in my life as a necessity


You all I ever need

Baby you’re amazing

You’re my angel come and save me

I looked up the mango tree to see him leaning on the trunk with a guitar in his hands. He stopped playing and snorted.

“I have warned you for coming here again didn’t I ma’am? “he said without looking at me.

“Like I have told you I see nothing I should be afraid of here that’s why I am here again. ”

He put down the guitar and jumped off the tree and stood right in front of me. He was wearing a black sleeping kurta.

“Is understanding simple terms a big problem for you or you have a problem in hearing like a hearing impairment or something? “he asked.

“Do you really have to be sarcastic? Can’t you be nice for once? ”

“I can’t help it. What brings you here? ”

“Just wanted to look around. ”

Well you have done it now leave, “he turned his back against me.

“What is wrong with you? What have I done that you hate me so much? “I walked to him.

“I don’t hate you. I just want you to stay away from me. ”

“Look I only came here to view the garden and not disturb you. ”

“Well you did disturb me. ”

“Really and how is that? ”

He sighed. “Let’s just drop it. ”

“No! No I won’t drop it. You just called me a pest. ”

“What? “he looked at me in disbelief . “I never said that you’re saying it. ”

I moisten my lips. “You know what I shouldn’t be talking to you. Good night. ”

He caught my hand and pulled me back, without wasting a second he kissed me.


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