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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 11


Writer’s POV

“Come on Ana I I said I am sorry, “he said following her around in the library.

“Vidyut one doesn’t kiss someone and expect to be forgiven. It doesn’t work like that. Forgiveness is earned okay. ”

“Okay what should I do to make you forgive me? ”

“Vidyut, I don’t have to tell you anything. Do whatever you think will make me happy and forgive you. Now please leave I have some reading to do and I don’t want any disturbance.Remember to close the door behind you on your way out. ”

He sighed licking his lips walked to the door. “Can’t least smile at me, “he said standing by the door.

“Sorry my lips can’t curve into a smile right now. ”

He shrugged and walked out closing the door. She closed the book she was holding and gave a lopsided smile looking at the small mirror on the wall.

***The task has just began Vidyut. Til you do what I want I won’t talk to you or do anything that will indicate that jam not angry and just pretending ***

He leant against the closed door and smiled.

***Thank god you don’t want to talk me right now. I can do what I want to do and excute it at the right time. You have given me enough time to go look for it. ***

He glanced over at the closed door one more time and licked his lips then walked away.

Everyone was sitting together in the living room having fun and recalling the good old days.

“So that’s how you two got married! That’s so romantic, “Anami said teasingly.

“Yes it is. Nowadays you guys do what you call dating. At put times we had nothing of that sort and that made our love and relationships stronger because if two lovers don’t get to see each other everyday love for each other blossom day and night and the fire never goes.You should try it once. ”

“Mom don’t you think it will be hard to do. I mean we are already used to meeting and going out. ”

“Ana I, try to go back to the good old days. I’m sure you will like it. ”

“It would have been possible had we not be living in the same house. Now we can’t really live like how you guys did things, “she smiled.

“Hello everyone! “a voice said making everyone turn their attention to the doorway.

“No way! “the boys stood up at once .

“Maya! “the king and queen exclaimed looking at her.

Anami glanced at everyone then back at the beautiful goddess walking towards them.

“Hey I guess everyone missed me so much that’s why you are all looking at me like I am ghost. God I never knew I meant a lot to you people of the Rajasthan palace, “she smiled and slumped on the couch. “It was such a long journey here, I am tired and quite hungry. Do you have anything for me to eat? “she looked at them to see them still astonished. “Come on I am not a ghost . I’m here, really here and this time I will not be kicked out like a dog. ”

“Maya, we can see that it is really you not your ghost which I so wish it was true. Now let’s get to business what are you doing here? “Akash asked.

She smiled and looked at Amit. “Hello Amit. How have you been doing? ”

“He doesn’t want to talk to you, isn’t that clear to you? “the queen said. “Before I ask the guards to kick you out of my palace! ”

“Awww! Didnt you hear what I said this time I will not be kicked out like a dog. I have all the authority and permission I need to come here whenever I want to. ”

“This is not a joke Maya. You have to leave before_____”

“Vidyut come back, “she gave Akash a mocking look then smirked. “I am not going anywhere, let him come o don’t care. I give no damn, I am only here to do my job. ”

“Job? What kind of job? Seriously the job you’re talking about is not creating rifts between people like you did with the two brothers right?”Akash ridiculed. “It’s all because of you the whole palace turned into a playground, you created havoc and I seriously think father should have killed you instead of throwing you out! ”

“I would have still came back to haunt you Akash. My relationship with this family is not that weak that I would just let you go. I am really not here to fight, I am here to do business. ”

“What kind of business? ”

“I am here presenting the press as you all know this is a year the king has to step down as king and the first son has to take over as a crown prince and I am here to cover the story. And I have the permission to come here it mighbe your palace but you have no right to throw me out. ”

“We can’t accomdate in this house Maya. You can only cover the story when the day comes.”

“I can’t. I have to cover all the events and preparations done for the day so you see Akash I can’t leave from here. ”

“You know very well that we can’t stand you then why did you volunteer to come here? Maya you drifted two close brothers apart, you deceived both of them and Amit had to take the blame for your mistakes. ”

“Sorry I can’t help it, “she smiled and her eyes fell on Anami’s who has just been listening and enjoying the drama. “And who may you be? ”

“I really think that’s rude because you are the guest here. I should be the one asking you that question. ”

“Ooh! The thing can talk. ”

“I am not a thing my name is Anami you might as well call me that. But too bad bitches don’t understand what respect is because they don’t even respect themselves. ”

“How dare you talk to me like that! ”

“Ooh so it hurts? But you have been going on talking nonsense didn’t it occur to you that its hurting us too? If you really want me respect you respect me back. You are here to interview or whatever it is you are here for stick to it and don’t buzz around like a fly. You don’t know where and when the fly will get killed. ”

She smiled and walked around her circles. ‘I guess you are the chosen one but for who? ”

Anami gave her the same smile. “Vidyut’s.

Maya halted to a stop. “What did you just say? ”

“What she just told you, “a voice said. Everyone looked at the doorway to see him and his father.

“She’s the girl I am betrothed to, “he walked over to her. “And may I ask what you are doing here? ”

“Vidyut, you have agreed to get married to her!”

“That’s not the answer to my question Maya. What the hell are you doing here? ”

“Vidyut, I am here_______”

“Save it I am not interested, “he coldly said and walked away.





“Vidyut she is back, “Anami said looking at him. He had just come out of the shower putting on his shirt. “Vidyut, I am talking to you. ”

“Anami, I heard you the first time. ”

“Then why did you behave like you didn’t hear me? ”

“Because I don’t want to talk about it. It’s enough evidence that I don’t want to talk about her. ”

“She’s your past Vidyut and normally when people don’t want to talk about their past is because they still care. ”

“Have you gone through a heart break Anami tell me! If you had you would understand why I don’t want to talk about it. I fucking loved her with all my life, I would lay down my life for her and she cheated me with my brother Amit. You have no idea of how painful it is to be hurt by the one you love. And talking about it is like resurrecting those memories which I don’t want to remember. ”

“I’m sorry. ”

“Yeah you better be, “he nodded his head. “You really have no idea who haunting it is. I want to be left alone for some time, “he turned his back against her. She did as he requested her and bumped into Akash.

‘This time the strategy of adivsinhim to face his past is not going to work. I suggest you try a new strateg. But I dont grantee that he will be able to get over with this hurt. Just be patient with him. ”

“Did Amit really do that to him? ”

“It’s complicated Anami. ”

“I have all the time in this world to listen to you.”

He snorted. “Let’s go somewhere first. ”

“Sure lead the way. ”

“Anami, I don’t know what is it you have heard but if you had heard that Amit and Vidyut were both into one girl then I would say it is the truth. Maya was Vidyut’s girlfriend and he even wanted to get married to her but Maya dumped him on the way and fell in love with Amit. She deceived him and tricked him into falling in love with her. She assured him that she can’t continue with Vidyut anymore and that she and him are over. Amit is a man, if he opt to be seduced if such a a beautiful girl comes to him. Little did he know that she was not who she thought was and this led to serious havoc. When dad got to know about this he asked Amit who he wants to be with. His family or a girl who could step to any level of creating a problem and misunderstanding between brothers. To show how sorry he was Amit himself requested father to kick her out but the damage was already done. Vidyut was a different avatar of himself. ”

“Does he know this? ”

“Amit tried to make him understand but he didn’t listen because he was still hurt to listen to anything. Now history is back to hurt him again through you. Amit loves you, Anami you love Vidyut and Vidyut loves you too but still can’t get over Maya. ”

“Do you think her return is going to cause a storm again? ”

“I am not sure about Amit and Vidyut’s relationship but I am sure about yours and theirs. Anami, I don’t really know the motive of volunteering to be the broadcaster but I do know she won’t go without a fight. ”

“You mean she may want to try get back with Vidyut? ”

He looked at her. “Yes Anami. ”

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