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Royal Affair – Season 1 – Episode 10b


CHAPTER TEN(continuation)

“Diwali, a festival celebrated for light for the almighty blessed us with it, “the king said.

“The importance of this festival is that it brings people together, families together and even bring those who has the same heart beat together, “the queen smiled looking at Anami who was drowsing.

“Anami, you can’t afford to be sleepy tonight. ”

“I’m tired and I worked like a slave to make all this decorations, “she replied yawning. “All I need is a warm and soft bed to lay my body okay? ”

“You can’t sleep especially after making recite the word dad for hours. My jaws and throat are paining and it’s all because of you, “he squinted his eyes at her.

She just rolled her eyes and looked away.”How do you celebrate holi here? ”

“Well guests are invited, royal guests to be precise and other people of high social status. Food and drinks are served and yeah dancing,”he smiled.

“That’s cool, “she said.

“Anami dear, “the queen called her.

“Yes. ”

“There are some lights at the pool side and they haven’t been connected yet could you please go and instruct the guards on how to do it. ”

She nodded with a smile on her face and left from there.

“There’s no guard here, only this entangled lights. Well I guess I have to untangle them and put them up, “she sighed and worked on the lights.

Back at the party Anami’s mother asked Vidyut to go check up on her as she had long gone and to also turn on the lights. When he got there he switched the lights on and to his surprise Anami was the one glowing not the wall. She was looking so beautiful and irresistible that his instincts urged him to walk closer to her. He hadn’t noticed that she was wearing turquoise ;his favorite color which was looking very beautiful on her.

“Are you trying to get yourself electrocuted?”he softly asked as he held her forearms. She pouted her lips and gave him a puppy face look completely blowing him off.

“Please help me and stop criticizing me. Who would want to die of electric shock. I rather die of drowning tham that Vidyut. Now please help me, “she said looking at the lights then glanced back at him to see him smiling to himself. “May I know what’s funny? ”

He shook his head. “What were doing that you got yourself into this mesh of lights? ”

“Well your mom asked me to come help the guards put up the lights but when I got here there were no guards just me and the lights so I chose to put them up myself only to get myself tangled. ”

“Turn around, “he commanded and she did that. He slowly removed the ones around her back and arms, then removed those around her neck. “Look at me, “he said and she did that. He removed the ones on her head and shoulders his fingers gently brushing against her skin making her shiver with strange emotions and feelings.

“Done, “he smirked at her.

“Th___thank you, “she said panting.

“What’s wrong? Are you having a hard time in breathing? Could it be because I am close to you? “he asked coming more close to her.

“N__no, I am fine no need to ask me such questions, “she said stepping back.

“Then why are you stepping back? Come closer I won’t bite you, “he smiled. Anami hit the wall with her back and her eyes widened realizing that she was stuck between him and the stupid wall. He bent down and she shrunk down her eyes not leaving his.

“Please move back, just a little, “she requested politely. “Please I can’t breath with you so close. ”

He bent more closer his smile not leaving his face. “You know what I want and I am not going to leave til I get it. ”

“What? ”

“Kiss, “he winked at her showing his beautiful front teeth. Anami slowly stood straight up and pressed her lips on his and quickly ran away from there on the hallway she dumped into Amit.

“Hey what’s chasing you? “he asked.

“Nothing to worry about, “she shyly smiled lickiher lips. He glanced at her then looked behind her to see Vidyut smiling and waving at him.

“I see, “he nodded. “Shall we? ”

“Where to? ”

“Somewhere special, “he took her hand and took her somewhere.

“Will you help me decorate this place with this lamps? ”

“Have I ever refused to do anything for you? Of course I will help you to decorate the stage, “she smiled taking one lamp from him.

“Does that mean you can do anything for me? ”

“Yes, “she replied lighting the lamp.

“Anything as in anything? ”

“Yes, “she chuckled. “Why are you asking it in a weird manner like its a big deal or something. Amit I can do anything you ask of me. ”

“Anami then don’t forget me, “he said. Anami sharply raised her head and looked at him.

“What do you mean? ”

“I had asked you one time that don’t love him too much. I said that because I know that you will get hurt too much. I don’t mean to scare you just advising you as I love you. I love you Anami, “he cupped her face, leant down and gave her a lip kiss. Her eyes widened as his lips pressed on hers, her mind stopped working and her body got paralyzed. A kiss she has been waiting for, a kiss from her first crush, the lips of this cutie were on hers, she has been waiting for this for so long, she should be happy and excited but no it’s nothing like that. She is been kissed yet she feels nothing. No spark and no feelings, no romance. It was like a forced kiss.





She found everyone sitted in the dining room about to have breakfast.

“Anami, you went to sleep early last night but you woke up late. Are you okay?”her mother asked her.

She looked over to Amit who gave her a handsome smile.

“Yes I slept well mom, “she replied sitting next to her. “What about you? ”

“We slept well too, ‘her father replied.

Vidyut came down stairs and glanced at Anami then .

“I’m sorry I won’t be able to eat breakfast with you all, “he said and turned to leave.

“Why Vidyut? Did we do something to upset you son? ”

“No it’s nothing like that. I just don’t feel like eating this morning. I will grab something at the office. Have a good day, “he smiled at them and walked away.

“Anami, “the queen looked at her and she nodded and went after him.

“What’s wrong with you? Why have you suddenly turned cold towards everyone? ”

He scoffed. “I have no time to talk about such silly matters and who told you I have changed into the old me? I just don’t feel like eating today. ”

“I don’t believe you, “she folded her arms.

“Okay fine I will tell you the truth and don’t fucking blame me if it hurts you. I can’t stand you, “he pointed at her.

“What have I done? Why is that Vidyut? ”

“Yo___you let him kiss you! And you didn’t even try to push him away. Do you even know how I felt looking at the spectacule. Anami you have no idea how much it hurts to find out that someone who means a lot to you is with someone else, she prefers someone else. I have gone through that dammit! And history is repeating itself today. It’s my fault I shouldn’t have let myself into you, you want Amit and you should be with him. ”

She came closer to him, raised herself on her toes and kissed him gently and withdrew.

“Yes it’s true I wanted Amit and it’s also true I don’t want him anymore. You can’t push me away from your life and you’re not always right Vidyut, “she said with a raised tone and turned to walk away. He caught her hand and pulled her back kissing her in the process.

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