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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 8

The next day at noon, Eugene still felt like he cheated on Rosetta
“but she’s not my girlfriend” he said and palmed his face
“but I like her right?” he asked himself
He hasn’t seen her since morning and he knew why already so he didn’t worry
A knock came on his door and he opened up
It was the girl he slept with last night
“hey baby” she said and touched his chest
“uhhh, hey” he said
“can I come in?”
He looked down at her chest and couldn’t take his eyes off
She smiled after tracing his gaze
She came in and closed the door
She threw her hands on his shoulders and he held her waist
She began to kiss him
And he pressed against her butt
He carried her to the bed and removed his belt
She smiled and wrapped her legs around him
He removed her shirt and her upper body was exposed
He lowered his face and sucked her
Then the door flung open and Rosetta came in and quickly closed the door as if someone was pursuing her
She turned and froze
“Eugene?” she said with disbelief
“Rosetta… Rosetta wait!” he yelled up as she opened the door and stormed out
He climbed down the bed but the girl dragged him down
“where are you going? Finish what you started” she said and tried to place his hand on her boobs again
“damn you bitch” he said angrily and arranged his trousers
“now, get the hell out!” he barked
“what! Just because of her?” she asked and he pulled out his gun
“out and not a word of this to anyone” he said and she buttoned up her shirt after wearing it
“okay I’m going” she replied
He went to his drawer and pulled out a bundle of money then threw it at her
She grabbed it, smiled and blew him a kiss 😘
Then she went out
He screamed and threw his gun on the bed
He then locked his room and went out in search of her
Rosetta ran to the stream and began to cry
This wasn’t her first time catching people making out but this one definitely had an effect on her
To be continued

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