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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 7

Eugene got a call from his father, early the next morning that he was coming to see if he has improved
Eugene scoffed loudly
“if I’ve improved? Seriously?” he said to himself
He got up and showered
“I really need to get out of here. I miss home” he mumbled out
Then a call came in from his girlfriend, Alexis
He sighed and picked it up
“hey babe” he said and sat on the bed
“Eugene, you don’t care about me anymore” she stated
“what makes you think that way?” he asked politely
“you haven’t called me for two days now and you didn’t text me” she replied
“Alexis, come on I’m the one who’s in a stupid ranch here. You think this place is heaven, waking up every morning to inhale horse poop is so irritating. I’m sorry if I didn’t call you but I’m really suffering here” he blurted out
“stop yelling at me. I’m not the reason why you’re so dumb enough to let your father keep you there” she blurted out too
“Alexis, if you called to add to my stress, please hang up” Eugene said
”yes I’ll hang up and it’s over” she declared
“what, babe stop acting like a pervert. You’re just gonna throw me in the mud?”
“I don’t care” she said and dropped the call
He sighed and dropped the phone
He stood up and walked to the mirror
“after this stupid one year, I’m gonna have to leave this country. I’m not going to work in any stupid ranch” he said and wore his cowboy hat
He went outside and the sun greeted him
He closed his eyes, adjusted his hat to stop the rays from getting to his face
He went to the stable and released his horse and fed him
Then someone walked in and he looked back
He gasped
He forgot she was in that ranch
In fact, he forgot everything about her
Maybe stress caused it
“uhmm, good morning sir” she said
“I’m I the sir” he asked and she nodded and walked to the haystack
He noticed she was moody
“Rosetta, are you alright?”
“yeah” she mumbled and walked out of the stable
“that’s weird” he said to his horse
They moved outside but Rosetta was not in sight
He didn’t have much to do that day so he went for breakfast
But he was still troubled at why Rosetta acted weird
He tried to look for her but he didn’t see her the whole day
He was afraid to ask Lady Joan because she was scary
He decided to go to her window when it becomes dark
Soon he went to her window and knocked gently
She opened almost immediately
“Rosetta” he whispered
“Eugene, I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been praying you’d come to my window” she whispered back
”really” he asked looking confused
She smiled
“yes, I’m sorry for avoiding you today. It was my auntie that caused it” she said
“what? Did she threaten you too” he asked
“yes, she did and she was monitoring me throughout” she replied
“why is she unto us” he asked with concern
“I don’t know, but come inside. Can you climb through the window?” she asked shifting back.
He nodded and climbed in
Then she closed the window
He looked around
“not bad for a cowgirl” he mumbled and she chuckled
He pulled her and hugged her tight
“I really missed you today, my Mexican beauty” he stated and stroke her long, curled hair
She was very surprised
“wow” she managed to say .
“you didn’t miss me too?” he asked
“of course I did, why do you think I was waiting for you since” she said and he kissed her cheek
They turned red and she covered them and moved away
He laughed and sat on the bed
“let’s play a game” he said and she sat down in front of him
He became uncomfortable
He was getting turned on
She was damn sexy and she was already dressed in her nightie
“should we play truth or dare?” she asked but he didn’t hear her cause he was lost
“Eugene” she said and he snapped out
“wha… What?” he stammered
“I asked if we could play truth or dare?” she said again
“uhm, maybe tomorrow. I really have to go” he said and stood up
“but… You just got here” she said sadly
“I know, I just remembered something important” he replied
“okay then” she stood up and watched him climb out of the window
“good night Setta” he said and she smiled
“good night” she mumbled and he left
She sighed and closed her window then laid down on her bed
“he’s cute and sweet” she said to her kitten
She licked her and she smiled
This story is written by Hossy
Eugene decided not to sleep yet
He went to the cowboy club. The boys gathered round him and began to chatter and talk all sorts of things. He actually chipped in a little. He also paid for all their drinks and food.
He too ordered a drink and a sexy cowgirl wearing a skimpy skirt that exposed her lower butt came to his table. The boys giggled and ruffled his hair then left him with the girl
She was wearing a red crop top
“hey baby” she said seductively
He looked her over
“hi” he replied
She began to touch his hair
“you’re so handsome and lonely, want me to keep you company” she said
He moved his head and what faced him were her boobs
She was really busty
He knew he couldn’t hold himself, besides, his girlfriend broke up with him. Even while he had her, he still cheated countless times.
“are you free for some fun?” he asked
“of course” she replied and they moved out into the dark
He pushed her to the wall of a dark corner and striped her
He had sex with her and paid her
“baby, you can call me anytime you need me” she said and kissed him
He nodded and watched her move away
He sighed
“that was fun” he said to himself but as he took a step further, he began to feel really guilty
He went home with a guilty conscience
Not because he had casual sex
That wasn’t even his first time hooking up with a stranger in a dark corner
He just felt that what he did wasn’t right and his mind was just pronouncing the name Rosetta
This story is written by Hossy

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