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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 6

Lady Joan was sitting in Old Robs shade.
She was drinking with him
The two had lots of things in common
They were like partners in crime
It was once rumored that they were lovers before she married Ben.
“I think there’s something irregular about Rosetta and the rich man’s son” she stated
“what do you think it is? Are they lovers?” he asked smoking his pipe
“they might become one soon.” she replied
“we can’t allow that. She will have control over him, and he will do everything she says. He might make his father turn against us if she suspects something. And I heard you’re mean to her. She will definitely dislike you.” he said
“I thought about that and we can’t allow that happen. Our plans might be ruined” she replied him
“I have to go now, Ben gave me a task that I have to attend to” she added and stood up
Old Rob nodded and she left
The field was already containing cowboys who were all for Brandon
Only few who disliked him were present
Naughty cowgirls were all around him
He was even getting a massage
Eugene moved to the field with Rosetta
He got to Brandon’s place
“hey dude” he said
“you’re ready for the race fella” Brandon said
“yes, I am” Rosetta replied
“not you, the freaky fella” one of the cowboys replied
“I’m racing on his behalf” she replied and they laughed
”no you can’t, he’s the racer” Brandon said
“are you afraid of losing to me?” she said with a smirk
“if you’re afraid of losing to her, how then can you stand up to me” Eugene said
“I’m not afraid of you neither I’m I afraid of her. You’re the one I had the deal with” Brandon said
“well Eugene has a problem between his uhmm… Well…” she stammered
“are you trying to lie to me?” Brandon said moving closer to her. He raised his hand and tried to touch her face in a flirty way.
Eugene stopped him by pulling Rosetta to himself
“she’s trying to say that I’m having a little problem with my waist. I can’t ride, so she’s riding. I’m way better than her, that’s why I wish I could race myself” Eugene said
“wait… Brandon. You really think you can stand up to Eugene? He’s the son of a renowned man, a wealthy rancher. With ranches both in Texas and Mexico.
And you think his son wouldn’t know how to ride a horse? Why are you so dumb?” she said and everyone laughed
Brandon became persuaded and convinced that Eugene was really good
So he became happy that he was competing against Rosetta
He agreed and they began to set their horses
“wish me good luck” Rosetta said as Eugene came to meet her
He stroked her hair
“good luck Mexican beauty. The race is for you to win. And to make me the king of the boys” he said and she smiled
“thanks” then Eugene moved back
The racers hopped on the horse
The gun was fired
The race started with Brandon taking the lead.
The cowboys and cowgirls were cheering loudly
Eugene looked on with anticipation
“giddy up boy” Rosetta yelled and the horse began to run faster
The cheers became louder
Rosetta took the lead
Brandon rode faster and took the lead again
“oh no, you don’t” Rosetta yelled and her horse overtook his own.
She was way ahead of him
Brandon tried to catch up with her but he couldn’t
The finish line was already in sight
Rosetta was close to it
Brandon yelled in anger when she crossed it
Loud shouts were heard
Rosetta jumped down and hugged the horse
The cowboys ran up to them and carried her up
She looked at Eugene coming with a horse slowly.
They dropped her and she ran to him
He came down and carried her up
“hahaha, I won” she screamed
“yes you did” he said happily then dropped her
The cowboys cheered and carried him up
“king of the boys” they yelled and cheered
The cowgirls gathered Eugene and Rosetta frowned when they started flirting with him. They were touching his chest and face. One girl kissed his cheek and another wrapped his arm around her waist.
She felt annoyed because he was taking all the glory and didn’t even call her but was allowing those girls take him
He slipped out of their midst and went to her.
“hey” he said
“hi” she replied
“where’s Brandon?”
“he left” she turned around and wanted to go
He drew her hair gently and stroked it
“you made me proud” he whispered
“let’s go home. I’m hungry” she said and they left
She was angry without a reason
Eugene sensed it
“Setta” he said and she looked at him
“what’s that?” she asked
He shortformed her name
He was actually pronouncing it SEDDA
“are you mad at me?” he asked with concern
“no I’m not” she said
He smiled and held her hand
“teach me how to ride a horse like you do” he said and she laughed
“let’s go then” she said and they headed back to the ranch.
They spent hours riding and even missed lunch. He was actually less sore so it was fun.
They were getting closer and friendlier
They came back during sundown
“I had fun with you today” he said as he squeezed her hand softly
She smiled
“me too” she replied
“I don’t wanna leave you” he said and she blushed
It was obvious she was really attracted to him
And he was attracted to her
“I have to go now” she said shyly
He got closer to her and held her face
Their faces drew closer
It was obvious they were going to kiss that very moment
“Rosetta” Lady Joan called angrily
They quickly disengaged
“what do you both think you’re doing? I don’t ever wanna see you together again!” she barked and Rosetta moved away from him
“get inside now!” she said and Rosetta went inside
“stay away from her Mr Grey” she warned and left.
Rosetta went to the kitchen to get her dinner
“what do you think you’re doing Rosetta” Lady Joan asked
“getting my dinner” she replied
“will you drop that plate and move to your room.. No dinner for you today. That’s your punishment”
“what? Why?” Rosetta said, really enraged
“do not question me. Get out of my kitchen” she stated
“this is not fair. Uncle Ben would not approve of this” Rosetta yelled
“get out and go to your room”
Rosetta angrily left and entered her room
She fell on the bed in anger. Jasmine curled up on her tummy.
“seriously, my whole life. I never missed supper once. Even when no one was at home, Dylan and I always had supper together. And now I’m going to bed without supper? Aghhhhh, how dare she?” she said to Jasmine who meowed like she really understood what Setta said
She heard a whisper behind her window
She opened the window and saw Eugene with a bag
“what are you doing here?” she asked
“sshh, take this?” he gave her the bag
“this should be enough for you. Okay?” he whispered again
He had bought food for her. He was passing by their yard to his own room few metres away when he heard Lady Joan yelling at her.
She smiled and kissed his cheek
“thanks Gene” she said and waved at him then closed her window
Eugene just stood there, his fingers on his cheek
He smiled and began to dance
Just because Rosetta pecked him
To be continued

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