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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 5

Early the next morning, Rosetta woke up and said her morning prayers. She fed her kitten whom she named Jasmine
She went to the barn and checked on the things in it.
Then she went to the stable and said hi to all the horses by scrubbing their heads and asking them silly questions like ”did you sleep well?” ”I hope you’re ready for today?”, etc. That was just her way of bonding with the animals and truly, they loved her
She changed their water and got them ready for the day’s job.
She decided to make hay since the day looked bright.
She went to get the plants and began to straighten them and place them in the sun to dry.
She bent down and her hair covered her face
At first she didn’t bother, but when it covered her face the second time she began to get pissed off
It became worse when it entered her eye and it turned red
She groaned in frustration and threw down her hat
“having problems with the hair?”
She looked back at the person who spoke
“Eugene” she muttered, with her hair scattered
He moved closer to her
“morning Mexican beauty” he stated
“morning” then she bent down to pick her hat
“having problems with the hair?” he asked again
“yes, I hate it” she mumbled
“what, you hate it? How can you hate a rare gem?” he said and she frowned.
The breeze blowing scattered her hair the more and it didn’t even let her see Eugene
“ahhhhhh” she groaned again
“here, let me help you. I don’t like the way your mood is changing” he said and pulled her close
“what are you doing?” she asked
“chill, I’m just doing something that will help you” he said and arranged her hair.
They were the same height so she looked down to avoid seeing his face.
His left hand was holding her right hand and his right hand was arranging the hair
“now, I’ll just see if a ponytail fits you” he said and brought out a rubber band from his pocket.
He moved behind her and gently began to hold the hair back with his hands.
He made sure it was neatly held up before slipping the band unto it
“does it hurt?” he asked
She shook her head
He then smoothed the front of the hair and kissed it
“perfect, now let me see your face” she shyly looked up
“so cute. You are really beautiful. And the pony tail looks good on you, like Ariana Grande” he said and she smiled and smoothed her edges
“you’re ready for the race?” he asked
“yeah, wait how are you walking properly?” she asked looking at his legs
“I’m I walking properly? Today its so sore. I don’t know if I can even go to the field with you” he stated
She covered her mouth and gasped
“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad” she said and he smirked
“wanna see it?” he asked sarcastically
“jeez, no way” she replied and he laughed
“what are you doing? Can I join you?” he asked and she nodded.
They slowly worked together because of Eugene’s pain
Rosetta laughed at the way he walked
She already knew he was a rich dude and a spoilt brat.
That’s why the pain is really affecting him
He has never been saddle-sore before.
A pain someone gets for riding a horse for too long.
When they finished, it was already breakfast time
“let’s have breakfast together, with Uncle Ben” Rosetta said
“no, I’m terrified by Lady Joan” he stated
“my auntie?” she asked
“she’s scary” he replied
“I don’t like her either” she said and Eugene touched her ponytail that was reaching her back.
“I really love your hair. Please don’t cut it” he said as he smoothed it
Rosetta knew that another Dylan had arrived to truly stop her from cutting her hair
But she was already feeling uneasy at the way Eugene touched her hair.
And he was too close
She looked at his face closely for the first time
He had green eyes
His lips were really cute and red
His hair was brown
He was really handsome
Rosetta just kept looking at his facial beauty and smiled
”you’re beautiful” she said and he laughed
He kissed her hair again
“we should train before the race right?” he asked
“yes, I’ll tell my uncle about it” she replied and he moved back
“see you later then” he said and she nodded and smiled
She took her hat and put it on then moved out
Eugene stood smiling and watching her walk away
This story is written by Hossy

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