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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 3

Eugene struggled to make the horse move but it wouldn’t budge.
“come on just move you ugly creature” he yelled and tried pushing the horse
“ahhh, I hate you. I hate all of you” he said and hit the animal on the stomach
He stood still in the sun and looked at the horse who was just standing.
He groaned and held the rope then tried to pull it along but instead, it sat down
“oh great, now I have to deal with you standing up too. Why do you all have to make my life miserable on this miserable ranch” he said and stumped his feet on the dark brown soil
“you were already a miserable American before you got here so don’t blame it on us” a voice said and he looked back to see a tall girl with long hair folding her hands and looking at him
“what did you say?” he asked Rosetta
“you heard me right” she moved to the horse and patted the back and kissed the face
“gross” Eugene said
“the only gross face I see here is yours,” she said and brought out a red apple 🍎 from her pouch
“you Mexicans are so annoying” he said and tried to leave
“you’ve been here for only two days and you’re all grumpy. I can only but pity you” she said and flattened her palm and the horse took the apple
“please don’t mind our new comer. He’s so mean right? The best way to change him is by being his friend okay, so be a good horse and listen to him. Okay? ” Rosetta spoke to the horse and played with the fur
Eugene scoffed
“the only reason I’m here to see this pathetic scene is because an old and stupid old man called Ben accepted me into this dirty and filthy animal dung”
Rosetta stood up, turned around and faced him
“did you just insult my uncle?” she asked and he smirked
She frowned and kicked him in between his legs.
He fell down on his knees immediately, feeling intense pain
“next time, you’ll think twice before insulting my uncle when you remember the pain” she said and left
Eugene placed his hands there as he knelt down
“okay… okay, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never joke with a cowgirl” he said to himself
The horse stood up and moved to him, it knelt down and rubbed it’s head on Eugene’s shoulder.
He lifted up his hand and stroked the horse
“at least I made a friend” he said to his new found friend
He looked up at the direction Rosetta went
“she’s beautiful” he said to the horse who neighed
Signifying that he agreed
Eugene managed to get up and held the horse’s string.
The horse got up too
“I really need some ice to ease this pain. I can’t even walk properly” he said and he moved awkwardly with the horse following him
To be continued

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