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Rosetta – Season 1 – Episode 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]



Rosetta episode 1
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac
(Hossy Short Story Series)
In a small Mexican village, the daughter of a farmer is seen struggling with her hair as she plants some corn 🌽 on the farm.
Her hair is long, dark and curly.
Whenever she bends to plant the seeds, her hair covers her face or falls over.
“urgghh” she groaned and stopped working
“this stupid hair is getting in my way again”
She dropped the bowl of corn and tried to tie up her hair but it wouldn’t. It was too soft to be held together without a band
“the only reason you’re still here is because of Dylan. But there’s no way she’s gonna stop me today”
She tried to use two strands of long hair in the front to tie it at the back.
In order to hold the rest back.
After much effort, it finally held together and she sighed
She picked up her bowl and continued to plant the seeds while humming.
She finished the land and looked over it
“done and dusted. Now time for this hair” she carried her bowl and gently walked through the ridges.
She was wearing a cotton short dress 👗 and long wellingtons (rubber boots) 👢
Her hands were covered in brown thick gloves which were already dirty
She had dirt on her face and hair too.
And she was so sweaty.
She walked towards the farmhouse which was just a five minute walk from the farm.
No one was at home.
The only sounds heard were the continuous “neigh” made by the horses in the stable and the “buck buck” made by the chickens that were running around the yard.
She walked into the house after removing her gloves and boots and keeping them in the wash bowls.
Her room was the last room and she got there in no time
She sat down on her wooden chair in front of the mirror and took her scissors
“bye bye hair” she said and raised it to her hair.
Just as she was about to cut it, a female voice called on her from outside the house
“Rosetta!” the girl screamed
“urghh” she groaned and looked at herself in the mirror, making up her mind that she was going to ignore her sister’s call
“Ros..settaa” her sister called again
“why does that witch always get in my way when I wanna deal with you” she said removing the scissors from the hair and stroking it gently
“Rosetta… Come” her sister called again
“coming Dylan” she yelled back and stood up.
She went to the direction of her sister’s voice.
Beside the barn, her sister was squatting.
She looked up and smiled at Rosetta
“quick come” she beckoned
Rosetta came to her and saw something that made her squeal happily
“oh my God, Katie” she immediately bent down and scrubbed her cat who was now a mother, surrounded by four cute kittens
“they are so cute” Dylan said and raised one up
“awwn, Katie congratulations. We have a new family. You deserve some fresh milk and delicious fish” Rosetta said as she stroke the cat’s back gently
“let’s take them inside. Here’s not Safe” Dylan said
“we’ll do that when mother comes back from the village” Rosetta replied
“where did father go?” she asked
“probably buying new sheep” Rosetta replied
“or getting your birthday present ready” Dylan said
“oh gosh, I totally forgot tomorrow is my birthday. How can I be so stupid?” Rosetta said and slapped herself playfully
Dylan laughed
They stood up to go back to the house
“so where do you think you’re going” Dylan asked
“maybe the same place Nuella is” Rosetta replied
“I don’t think so.” Dylan replied
Just then their father came back on his brown house
“Dylan” he screamed and they ran to him
“welcome back father” she said and collected the bag in his hand
“you’re quite early today” Rosetta said and collected the string of the horse from his hand.
She headed to the stable with the horse, removing his saddle and face mask.
She opened the door and kept him in his sherd.
She went to the barn and brought a stack of hay and fed the horse.
Then she went back to the house to take her bathe.
She washed her hair and decided not to cut it until after her 18th birthday.
In their family, once they’ve turned 18 they’re to be taken away from home to another place to work on their own.
Her elder sister Nuella was taken to the capital to work in a large and expensive ranch.
Her elder brother is presently working as a professional saddler.
He makes quality saddles
And it’s presently her turn to go away from home.
She finished with bathing and wore her white pyjamas.
Her mother was already back and dinner was ready
“dinner’s ready? So soon?” she asked Dylan who was setting the table
“of course it is. You spent almost two hours in the bathroom. I really don’t know what you are doing when you take your bathe. You spend almost all the time in there” Dylan replied
“it’s because of the hair. It gets dirty easily. I almost cut it today you know, but you called me to see Katie. So I dropped the scissors” she replied as she walked towards the kitchen
“what? Don’t you dare think of touching this smooth silky hair” Dylan said, rubbing the hair on her cheek
“leave my hair” she said and they both laughed
“Rosetta bring the spoons” her mother said dropping a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes on the table
“ooohh, delicious” Dylan said
“good evening mother” Rosetta said as she entered the kitchen to get the spoons.
She got out and placed them on the napkins
In less than ten minutes, the whole family settled down to eat
“guess where you’re going Rosetta” her father said and she gulped down the milk she was drinking and looked at her father
“tell me” she replied
Even Dylan was interested in knowing where she was going
“even I want to know Morgan” their mother said
“you’re going to stay with Uncle Ben in Texas” he said and Rosetta’s face changed
“what” the two sisters said
“that’s America right” their mother stated
“yes” he replied
“are you going to be able to cope outside Mexico” Dylan asked
“no, I can’t” Rosetta said and looked down
She hated to travel that far from home.
But she couldn’t refuse
No one dares to refuse
To be continued

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