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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8

Romantic Prince
?kira’s POV?
I..I…I stuttered not knowing what to say , he leaned closer to me his breathe brushing against mine

You what…? He asked

I don’t think this is part of our business sir , I’m just your secretary you shouldn’t be asking me that , I finally said and he withdrew his face a bit giving me breathing space

He tucked his hands into his trouser pocket and walked to his desk , took a sip of the drink on his desk and turned back

That was when I noticed that he unbuckled the first three buckle of his white long sleeve shirt , exposing his broad chest

He leaned on the desk with his feet crossed and tucked his hands into his trouser pocket again starring at me keenly

I gulped down nothing as I got lost starring at his chest , seems like he noticed it cos he let out a small laugh bringing me back to reality

I became embarrassed immediately and wanted to leave

Sir if you’d permit I’ll like to take my leave now…..? I asked

You aren’t permitted , he replied sharply

Oh gosh this guy is something else

I’ll ask for the very last time do you like me , he said

I.. l.. don’t understand why you are asking me this question

OK yes I like you , I blurted and his eyes widened

He moved closer to me and said


Yes really

His face brightened up and I could see his eyes sparkling

I mean its the duty of every worker to like his or her boss isn’t it? I said and his face changed to that of a frown immediately

I wonder why

Now that I’ve answered your question I’ll like to take my leave now, I announced and left without waiting for a reply

I got outside and exhaled deeply, I mean that was close and I wonder why my heart is beating this fast , my cheeks have turned red too , I don’t understand myself anymore

I took a bottle of water and gulped it down and continued with my work

?Ryan’s POV?
I know that she’s lying, I know she likes me

I wasn’t even expecting her to say yes or no , I just wanted to watch her reaction and how deeply she’s into me and yes I’ve confirmed it she likes me

I sat down on my desk and smiled to myself, but why I’m I happy ?

I shouldn’t be concerned tho , I don’t no why I’m this happy , I mean she’s just my secretary nothing more and my main objective is to get into pant

My phone rang and I saw the caller

Oh no mom , she’s a headache, she doesn’t fail to tell me everyday that she wants a grandson

? hello mom

?good day son

?same to you mom , why did you call?

?I called to tell you that about six to ten ladies will be in your office in a jiffy

?I don’t get , for what?

?since you have refused to get a wife , I’m making it easy for you and you must pick you that you like , good bye

?mom! mom!! mom !!! I yelled but she already cut the call

Oh f**k ! I groaned and smashed the phone on the floor

I don’t understand mom at all

The door opened and kira walked in with 7 ladies all dressed sexily

I could see the look in kira’s eyes , she’s annoyed ,she probably thinks I ordered for them to come not knowing my mom did

Kira ! I called but she ignored me and left while the ladies kept starring at me


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