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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

Romantic Prince

💕Ryan’s POV💕
I carried her and dropped her on my desk hurriedly , spread her legs wide open while she looked at me with smiles

She raised her head planting kisses on my body , my hand found it’s way to her V as I teased it slowly and sweetly and she groaned out in pleasure

I tore her pants coming face to face with her V, I inserted my fingers into her p***y and finger f**ked her

She was mourning loudly , then I positioned myself well for full penetrated before the door flung open

I looked up and kira walked in looking at us

That’s kira for you , her nerve is a killer

She starred at me from the door and I starred back at her expressionless

She got to where we were and we were still starring at each other

I don’t even understand why we are starring at ourselves but I love it

Ryan!!! Cynthia shouted bringing me to the reality

Cynthia: what the hell are you doing? Send her out !!

Me:em what’s up?

Kira: the board members have arrived and you’re expected to be there in less than ten minutes so I don’t think you can continue f**king this thing !! She blurted

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There is a way she said it , it seems as if its annoyance mixed with jealousy

Cynthia: who did you call a thing?? She yelled standing up and putting on her dress but kira ignored her and walked out

👑kira’s POV👑
I don’t even no why I’m behaving like this , it’s not my business who ever Ryan f**ks anyways

I just hate that proud girl , forcing herself on a man ,as beautiful as she is

Geez annoying but I’m happy I was able to ruin their moment

Ryan was about to f**k her , he’s really annoying on his own

I might behave like this but trust me when I say I’m a virgin , a lot of people find it hard to believe and even myself, I find it hard to believe

Well I’m waiting for the right man to give myself to, even when I go clubbing I always manage to escape being laid on

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The bitch Cynthia came out with her bag starred at me with rage and left , shortly Ryan came out clad in navy blue suite and black shoes

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I could even see myself in his shoes , well Ryan loves dressing expensive

I picked up the necessarily stuff for the meeting and followed him

After the meeting

We came back together, I went back to my position and he called me in later

I exhaled deeply before going in , the truth is I’m actually sacred of Ryan but I don’t show it

What if he poisons me and rape me ? What if he seduce me til I give in to him ?

I gulped down nothing and walked in sexily as I’ve always done in

But he wasn’t sitted on his desk , where could he be? I eye searched him but couldn’t find him

I heard noise behind me and made to turn before I felt his hands on my waist

His touch sent shivers throughout my body , I wasn’t expecting it

I made to free myself from his grip and succeeded,i turned to face him and he took my hand in his

Starring deeply into my eyes , this guy is always seducing me but I won’t fall into his traps

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I looked away from him and he chuckled

I actually want to ask you a question? He said and let go of my hands

I looked at him in order for him to go on

Ryan: what was that attitude today ?

Me:what attitude sir, I asked

He smiled and continued

Ryan: you no what I mean ,why were you acting that way towards Cynthia?

Me:it’s just that the time of your meeting with the ….

Ryan: don’t lie to me kira!! He yelled

Me: em…em..but it’s true sir , what do you expect to say , I stuttered

Ryan:okay lemme be more specific, do you like me?? He asked stunning me

And the worse part is that he was looking directly into my eyes

The question came unexpected so I didn’t no what to reply as I starred at him back

And we continued that way until he spoke up moving closer to me with our eyes still locked

I asked if you like me?


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